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Handgun Caliber Doesn’t Matter
Quote:Handgun Caliber Doesn’t Matter
Posted on January 15, 2015 by MyGunCulture

By Tom McHale
Handgun ammunitionWhich one do you choose?
Tom McHale headshot low-res squareTom McHale

USA --( “It’s not the size mate, it’s how you use it.” ~ Nigel Powers, Super Spy Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Wise words for a comedy movie and certainly relevant to the never-ending caliber wars.

What caliber is best for concealed carry?
If I use a 9mm, won’t the bullets just bounce off my attacker?
If I choose a .45 ACP, is there a chance that I might inadvertently destroy nearby buildings?
Which buzzwords do I have to consider? Knockdown power? Stopping Power? Incapacitation? Penetration? Constipation?

When we start talking about all this stuff in theory and spice it up with Vietnam anecdotes, we cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary grief.

“When I was in ‘Nam, Charlie snuck into my foxhole one night. I plugged him with one shot from my 1911 and it knocked him 123 feet in the air right into a low flying F-105. After that, .45 is the only caliber I’ll use.”

OK, so maybe I’m making a bit of light about the value of anecdotal data, but anecdotes are exactly part of the problem in the great caliber debate.

“I heard…”
“I saw a Youtube video of a guy getting shot and he didn’t even know it.”
“I saw a youtube video of a shooting and the guy fell down after the first shot.”
“When I shot that deer, it cartwheeled 17 times.”

And so on.

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Q: Which pistol caliber is best?
A: The one that gets you to your rifle caliber firearm.
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Anyone relying on one shot is a dope.
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When I use to do loss prevention, I apprehended this one heavyset fella who had multiple scars and walked with a limp. When I was talking to him in my office while waiting for police to show up he mentioned how he was by 8 rounds of .45acp. I asked him how he survived and all he said was the bullets went in and out.

Moral of the story: accuracy matters.
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Mr_Gixxer;160526 Wrote:Q: Which pistol caliber is best?
A: The one that gets you to your rifle caliber firearm.

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