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HB2011 update (Now HB 80) We need all hands on deck today! (10/20/14)
An update on HB2011 and this comes straight from Harrisburg.

House leader Turzai is trying to cover his ass for the election and is mealy mouthing his way around the bill. He has put it up for next consideration Monday, which leaves only 7 days left in the session. If it passes 2nd consideration it will come back up Tuesday for 3rd consideration and if passed will go to the Senate on Wednesday where it will go into committee that that turd Greenleaf oversees.

Greenleaf is also trying to cover his ass for the election hoping to squeak through the election and maintain his speaker of the house gig so the bill could very well sit there and do nothing.

At this point looks bad but there are two outside chances it could be pushed through.

There's a 'must do' list at the end of each session and Turzai is the only one that can put it on the list. Problem is he is getting all pissy at firearm owners that are pushing him into doing something he feels might hurt his chances of reelection.

The second chance is the governor 'coming down' to the senate and saying "I want to see this bill this year' .... another outside chance BUT it could help his election chances.

Basically all the Republican leaders are in 'bunker mode' conceding that Wolf is going to win the election and trying to keep there own jobs. Granted it would hinder Wolf if the Senate and House stay Republican but they are throwing us under the bus with this bill because there's no way in hell Wolf will sign it if elected.

It's too late for a rally of any kind but the phone pressure HAS to be ramped up on Turzai and Corbett to get this thing to move.

Turzai's contact information:

Home office:

Phone: 412 3692230

FAX: 412 3692236

Capital Office:

Phone: 717 7729943

FAX: 717 7729943


Corbett has his contact info on this page:

And his FB Page is here
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This should make it easy for you. The petition below will automatically send to your House Rep & Senator. You don't have to look up who they are.

[Image: hb1243-flyer-medium.jpg]

BTW: If you want to print & distribute the flyer in your area, you are free to do so. There's a PDF here:
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Thanks LC. E mails sent.
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There is movement on HB1243.

We just got a report from Harrisburg, Senator Farneze is attempting to amend the language of HB1091 to this bill. If he is successful the bill would have to go back to the house and there is no time for that.

Secondly the judiciary committee will hold an 'off floor' meeting about the bill today. Greenleaf has NEVER held this type of meeting for a gun-related bill so something is afoot.

Besides calling your senators there's one man that can move this bill and move it fast, that's senator Pileggi.

Emails are ineffective at this time, we need phone calls and we need lots of them to get this bill going.

When calling please tell his staff you want HB1243 moved to the floor for a vote and voted on CLEAN (no amendments)

Today's the day please pick up the phone and call or fax his office now.

Senator Dominic F. Pileggi

Party: Republican

Legislative District: 9

Phone: (717) 787-4712

FAX: (717) 783-7490
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"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire"
We need all hands on deck today!

We learned late last night that a conglomeration of anti-gun groups intend to converge on Harrisburg today. The groups include Moms Demand, CeaseFire Pa, coupled with PETA and several other smaller groups. Their intention is to do anything they can to sabotage HB80 (preemption) while pushing through HB1750 (pigeon shoot ban). They may also be bringing in some 'heavy hitters' to help (rumors of Jesse Jackson have been floating around)

How they intend to do this is to lobby the house rules committee to push out HB1750 clean while suspending the rules and adding several anti-gun amendments to HB80. Any changes to HB80 at this point would likely kill it in the house.

Kim Stolfer (FOAC) and several other groups are in Harrisburg at this very second in an effort to stop these people, but they need your support. Everyone needs to call their representative AND the following members of the rules committee:

Majority (Republicans):

Matthew Baker - (717) 772-5371
Jim Christiana - (717) 260-6144
Brian Ellis - (717) 787-7686
Mauree Gingrich - (717) 783-1815
Robert Godshall - (717) 783-6428
Seth Grove - (717) 783-2655
Ron Marsico - (717) 783-2014
Kurt Masser - (717) 260-6134
Mark Mustio - (717) 787-6651
Tina Pickett - (717) 783-8238
Mike Reese - (717) 783-9311
Stan Saylor - (717) 783-6426
Mario Scavello - (717) 787-7732
Samuel Smith - (717) 787-3845

Minority (Democrats)
Dom Costa - (717) 783-9114
Neal Goodman - (717) 787-2798
Michael Hanna - (717) 772-2283
Deberah Kula - (717) 772-1858
Joseph Markosek - (717) 783-1540
Robert Matzie - (717) 787-4444
Brandon Neuman - (717) 783-4834

Tell them you want HB80 to be passed out of committee with no amendments and HB1740 killed or the language that bans pigeon shoots (and certain types of dog training) removed.

This is the last chance to get this through. If these anti-gun groups succeed today we are probably dead in the water.
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"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire"
Calls made.
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While phone calls are preferable here is an email list for these people. You might want to back up your call with an email:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Just called anti gun Fudd Mike Hanna's office.

Probably won't go far with him but I made sure I told the secretary that we've worked hard here locally to strengthen preemption.
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Sooooo... now what?

I'm assuming it passed the house? And surprisingly Democrat Mike Hanna voted Yay?

Does this go to Corbett now?
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Mr_Gixxer;155224 Wrote:Sooooo... now what?

I'm assuming it passed the house? And surprisingly Democrat Mike Hanna voted Yay?

Does this go to Corbett now?

+1. Huh
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