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Heavy duty outdoors\work pants?
I'm wondering has anyone run into some really heavy duty outdoor pants that hold up well? Presently, I use the Cabela's fleece lined roughneck jeans if I'm going to be outside for a while. I like them a lot even though they take for-fucking-ever to dry in the dryer. But I'm looking to replace them with something with some more pockets. The fleece lining isn't a must, I just like it because it provides a little impact resistance to the knees. The two primary attributes I'm looking for are some kind of knee and crotch reinforcement as well as large velcro pockets. I really like the Kitanica Backcountry Pants, but at $120 a pair it kind of reminds me of the pickup trucks you see driving around with all the brush guards and lift kits that are "too nice" to actually beat the shit out of. I'd be really pissed at myself for messing up a pair of pants that are that expensive. With what I find myself doing it's pretty rare to get more than a year out of the pants that I prefer to wear in the field or hiking etc (this has been the case for Levis and Cabelas etc before they are no longer acceptable to wear in public. My work boots also usually have a similar lifespan. Has anyone seen a good pair of outdoor\heavy duty work pants that actually hold up to a good deal of abuse that are in the sub $50 range?
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I really like these a lot. I wear them a lot around my girlfriend's house while replacing the horse fence or walking through her woods putting up "no trespassing" signs. I never had a thorn penetrate them and hurt me. They're very tough.

Riggs Workwear by Wrangler
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I like the old bdu or the newer acu only pants that I don't wear the knees out
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They have a bunch of work pants on Sierra Trading Post (yes, I brought it up on the boots thread but I love them).....

Put in a 35%off coupon code and then they'll add shipping but still good deals.

Smith and Wesson makes pants! Huh.
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Tractor supply sells both fleece and flannel lined blue jeans as well as cotton duck work pants. I have both in fleece and flannel and won't go out in the cold without them.
C.e. smidt is the brand. About $37 a pair
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goofin;161931 Wrote:Tractor supply sells both fleece and flannel lined blue jeans as well as cotton duck work pants. I have both in fleece and flannel and won't go out in the cold without them.
C.e. smidt is the brand. About $37 a pair

I'll second the Tractor Supply stuff. I have a pair of Schmidt bib pants and one of their work coats (similar in style to the classic Carhardt jacket) and they have held up well after several winter's use. Definitely a bang for yer buck option.
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I know a couple guys that swear by Duluth Trading.

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+1 one for Duluth fire hose work pants. A little stiff until broken in but you'll have a hard time destroying them. Only problem is they are not sub $50.
I third TSC for work pants !
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Right now, I'm living in Carhartt products because it's so damned cold. My insulated bib overalls are over five years old, and my jacket is ten. The latter has much more use.

I'm working a horse farm with all that entails. Lugging water buckets, plowing snow on an antique tractor, slinging hay bales. Sweaty, hard work, alternated with rather slow work.

I'll note that the wild rose thorns on the farm that destroy everything else don't touch the jacket sleeves nor the overall pants.

My EDC LCP goes nicely in the right front pocket of the bibbers, with the wallet in the left, and Galaxy S5 in the breast pocket.

There's a lot of other practical stuff in the design, such as the zippers all the way up the outer calf on each side. Makes it easy to slip out of snow-boots at the same time as out of the overall side to ensure the sock stays dry.

I suspect that the Duluth Trading Company stuff is just a tough for a bit warmer weather.

Polypro long-johns are what's worn under the bib overalls. Middle layer is generally wool.

Footwear in soft snow is Sorrell soft boots with felt liners and 1/4" polypro socks in between, or high-tech ski socks. Footwear is critical.

I struggle with gloves. Nothing is proving satisfactory this year. The curent crop of Carhartt gloves don't dry out right overnight, and that's a problem. Old two-piece (liner and outer) ski gloves for long periods of exposure. Polar-fleece glove-mitten shooting gloves where I need to be able to work quickly and tie knots. Having a history of mild frost-bite from Canadian skiing makes me vulnerable, so I have to be careful in this regard.
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