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Hello All
I had a fellow member from the website recomend me to this site. Sounds like there are many patriots here.

It also looks like this site will not censor the truth about what is wrong with this country, what is wrong with Obama ( especially after the censorship on some forums) and how to keep our guns.

About me.
I am in my 30s, born and live in Delaware, but educated in the very deep south and consider myself to be a southern gentleman. I work in finance and also sell various knives and self defense supplies. I also have a good friend in Delaware that is an FFL and offers deals to people I refer to him.

I play guitar and have been at it about 4 years. I am intresed in country music, classical, blues and hard rock. I really only play 80s metal and hair metal. Some of my favorites are kiss and motely crue. Geroge Lynch is my favorite guitarist.

My wife and I got into shooting after a couple incidents of voilence in our area. We actually had our car hit in a shooting between two thugs in 2010 and bought our guns the next week. This happened another time this past year when five guys shot at two guys at opposite ends of the street. Typical things

I am very conservative, but open to other views. I firmly believe illegal immigration and political correctness will destory our nation and can effect our gun rights.
welcome aboard!
The War Wagon, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012. Anim_banana

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Glad to have you here!

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