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Helpful McD's hotline appears to steer employee to food stamps
Helpful McD's hotline appears to steer employee to food stamps
8 hrs ago
Turns out McDonald's isn't turning a deaf ear to workers whose wages keep them below the poverty level. There's a "McResource" help line with all sorts of useful tips. Individual franchisees do have to pay for it before employees can use it, but Nancy Salgado (who famously confronted McDonald's USA president Jeff Stratton about salary inequities) managed to get through anyway and found out the company was there for her.
Not with a raise or more hours, however. The helpline operator never asked how much Salgado made ($8.25 an hour, for the record) but offered that she "definitely should be able to qualify for both food stamps and heating assistance," medical and other government programs, according to CNNMoney. The operator also said, "We can do a lot of the legwork that takes a lot of the stresses off of you making a million phone calls trying to find services." McDonald's says that this version of the phone call released publicly was "very obviously" edited and was "not an accurate portrayal of the resource line." [Source]
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