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So I stopped by Cabela's today, and found this Herters brand ammo for 9.99 a box (20) for .308. With a .308 bolt action being my latest acquisition, I was looking for ammo for plinking and stock piling.

Anyone have any experience with this ammo? Assuming it is going to be using in a bolt action only, do you think it would be good stock piling ammo/ You know, for SHTF? At 10 bucks a box, it is hard to beat.

I picked up a few to try at the range, just looking for experiences.

Feel free to make other recommendations for stock piling.



I did find this;

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I've used Herters before but I can't remember the caliber. No problems that I can remember. For that price, you could find some brass cased stuff on the ar15 EE. Maybe some south african battlepacks.
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That is probably steel case ammo, imported from Mother Russia under the old Herters name.
Probably Uly ammo due to the lacquer cases.

Honestly, I'd look at this:
Boxer primed reloadable brass case.
50rnds/ $29.95

I've never had a problem with Magtech ammo, either in .44mag or .50BMG.
Some people need to read this book:

^^ That's precisely what it is.

Thanks for the tips!

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I buy some Herters everytime I go to Cabela' problems with it here.
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