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hey ya'll
seam to be having a problem posting... if this goes through hi everyone its been a while since i been on the PAFOA site and thanks to Curmudgeon ive been directed here, hopefully this one will be a bit more sane! lol
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It's working now welcome to the forum!!
Life is terminal, get over it!!! 124
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Look around you! LOL

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[Image: pa2a_flag.gif] Welcome Aboard!
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Great to have you here. You're going to like it.

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lmao EM i know i know... thanks everyone!
4xlt, proud to be a member of since Oct 2012.
Hey Dude,

Glad you made it here! Don't I feel like a fool for not even thinking of inviting you! Sad Sorry bout that....but I'm glad someone stepped up and asked ya.

Now I lay me to sleep, beside my bed a Glock I keep. If I wake & find you inside, Coroner's van will be your next ride.

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