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Hi, and NFA query
I'll be interested to see how this site develops. I grew up in the midwest shooting targets and hunting, and now live in Philadelphia and shoot at Classic Pistol. Got a LTCF to make trips to the range, sometimes on two wheels, easier.

On another forum I posted a detailed how to form an LLC that could acquire NFA goodies. Another lawyer on that site prompted the admins to delete the post and ban me for errors he claimed I made but would not specify. I suspect he wanted to sell what I was giving away.

My how-to is on another site now, and if there is interest here I will post the URL.
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Good to have you here. This forum is still quite small, but the discussion is good. Plus, we have politics and survival forums here, if you're interested.

I don't think you'll get many lawyers jumping in here, although they are of course welcome and a few have been invited. But, as long as you keep things legal, I suspect mods are going to be fine with things.

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Welcome on board. As far as I'm concerned your input would be interesting and would be only one piece of many that I would piece together if I was interested in going down that road. Of course, as the saying goes, IANAL.Tongue

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I am curious to see it, but I am also wary because the last thing I would want to see is incorrect information going out from this website. I have done business with "the other lawyer" (NFA LLC formation) and found him to be a very standup guy, and also sensed that he did not fear competition.
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longcall911;13099 Wrote:as long as you keep things legal, I suspect mods are going to be fine with things.


Well, thats no funTongue
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