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Hi from Norway
I registered her mainly because an interest of Signal Corps telephones and related stuff.
Regarding the 2nd amendment: You will be entitled to defense the society you are a part of if you do not or are regarded as dangerous for others.
I have served in the Coastal Artillery, and want people to be educated in how to use their arms.

Regards from Norway

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Well, I think you'll fit right in here. We sure love to share our stories of vintage telephones, just can't seem to get enough of them I guess!
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As some folks here may be naturally curious, the IP address seems to indicate a legit Norway origin!

Our tiny little corner of the web is going international, and for once it's not spam welcome

...yet Rolleyes
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.
Ill try to not spam you Shy

As I stated telephone related inf is my main reason for joining, but I would like to tell a little about Norway.

We are about 5 millions here, and we have at least 1.3 millions registered hand guns, mostly for hunting and competition use.

Compared to you we have extremely strict rules, but pretty low rate of accidents. When you meet a regular police officer he (she) will not be armed!
Believe it or not, it seems to work!

We have an old organization "Det frivillige Skyttervesen" (The National Rifle Association of Norway) founded in 1893.

Every summer we have a national shooting competition (every 5. year in the same region) This is about 1 week camp with competitors with families gathered in a pretty social setting. Not a tourist attraction, so if you comes to Norway you will probably very welcomed. (Bad English? Doesent sound right) This year it is in the Northern Region July 29 to August 5.

Signthankspin Flea
dsk, proud to be a member of since Feb 2016.

Also curious, what typeof guns can you own in Norway? AR15? AK47? Handguns?
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Generally all non automatic hand weapons but not modified shotguns as sawed-off shotgun. It is some limitations of number of shots in the magazine etc. We have much more restrictions in hence of a human killing when hunting, not to small caliber to shoot elks etc. You have to be member of a club of some kind who will be documenting regular activity to maintain skills to keep focus on safe behavior with weapons. It is not the weapon itself, but the user behind who is responsible, and he/she has to know to do it right.

To have fully automatic guns legally at home you have to be a part of the armed forces, and it use to be a NATO weapon (not sure if that is a rule) I have never seen an AK47 for real. I do not know the rules in detail. We do also have extremely strict rules about how to store firearms, usually in something looking like a safe bolted to the building structure. This will make it almost impossible for burglar to take your weapon when you are not home guarding your house.

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Well, you were helpful here:

Welcome to the site. Don't worry about the translation too much. Since we know you don't speak English as a primary language, mistakes would be understandable.
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welcome aboard, Odd Ivar Bekkelund who founded was a good friend from Norway and had posted alot of pictures and great info. sadly he past away in 2008.
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