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Hidden in Plain Sight - Concealed DOES Mean Concealed!
Reposted from another forum. Thought I'd share here! Smile

Here's an inexpensive way to hide a small handgun in plain sight.

For those who need it spelled out, I do not recommend such firearm storage for anyone with children,
or those who have children who visit them.

Want a firearm handy, but don't want it lying out on the open?
Cover it with something that allows quick access, and is so discrete, nobody would ever guess what's inside -
even if they asked you for a tissue.

(Click image below for 15 sec. video demo)
[Image: th_104_4540.jpg]

[Image: 104_4542.jpg]

Here's how I made it - step by step:

You'll need a box of tissues that is nearly empty.
I suggest leaving at least 1" of tissues so that they may still be used for a while if you want to.

[Image: 104_4510.jpg]

1. Cut the bottom of the tissue box out (do not discard), keeping as close to the sides as possible.
You don't want to catch the handgun with the edge of the box when you lift it up.

[Image: 104_4511.jpg]

[Image: 104_4512.jpg]

2. Fashion a "support" to be inserted in the tissue box that will hold the tissues up and away from the handgun.
I happened to have a box that was similar in size to the tissue box, so that's what I used.

[Image: 104_4513.jpg]

[Image: 104_4516.jpg]

3. Insert the original tissue box bottom that you had previously removed.

[Image: 104_4517.jpg]

Insert the cardboard support.

[Image: 104_4518.jpg]

Support in place. Tape may be used to secure it, if necessary.

[Image: 104_4520.jpg]

Here's the inside of a "prototype" that I had made. It wasn't as "clean", but it worked just as well.

[Image: 104_4521.jpg]

5. Turn it over!

[Image: 104_4522.jpg]


I noted that the tissues were pushed up a bit too high, making them look a bit unnatural.
They were also too hard to pull out of the box, so I trimmed 1/2" from each of the support sides.

[Image: 104_4524.jpg]

Much better!

[Image: 104_4525.jpg]

Now you see it...

[Image: 104_4526.jpg]

Now you don't!

[Image: 104_4527.jpg]

[Image: 104_4533.jpg]

To keep the handgun from sliding/moving if the box is bumped, I cut a strip of "grippy" shelf liner
(the white rectangular item in the photo) and place it under the gun.

I also keep my handgun in a holster. I'm not a fan of reaching for a gun with an exposed trigger in an emergency.

[Image: 104_4535.jpg]

The best part is that the tissue box can be used with or without the handgun underneath.

Got boogies? Reach for a tissue. Got burglars? Reach for something else.

Big Grin

Hope you enjoyed.
Evil mind. Big Grin
Good idea. I like it.
das, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Very dangerous in a house with toddlers and little kids such as mine, but the premise is a good one.
Vampire pig man since September 2012
Good idea, lot of work.

My idea? I keep a sidearm on my desk, and just shoot anyone who enters my house.
With cheese, Grommet.
Can you "reload" it when you run out of tissues?
I love this product, I've used it every day!*
[Image: herbert-lom-pink-panther1.jpg]

* Unpaid celebrity endorsement from Chief Inspector Dreyfus.
I really like this idea! Can't do it as I have kids in the house, but maybe someday!

I would suggest weighting it down though too, as some people will tend to "yank" a tissue out and sometimes the tissue sticks and the box lifts up...then your hiding place will be revealed!
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I hide my gun in a similar way, in the candy dish. Kids would never think to look there.
streaker69;50964 Wrote:I hide my gun in a similar way, in the candy dish. Kids would never think to look there.

It's a good way to hide mags too. They look just like PEZ dispensers.

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