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Hill-dog testimonies and the farcical inquiries (D)
Watching the hearing now. Going exactly as expected. The Dems have all pulled up her skirt and sucked her balls. She just told Mr. Duncan (R-SC) that he should just be glad she decided to declassify the report. She has three times blamed "previous administrations" for the security, and I highly doubt she means her husband's tenure.

Several Dems in a row used exactly the same words: thank you for your service, you are great, going/moving forward, etc. One idiot stated she has done more for U.S. diplomacy than anyone since JFK.

O.K., I'm back... had to go throw up for a minute. So basically, she becomes cold(er) when given any real questions (by non-Dems), and refuses to answer the questions posed. Then she stretches and purrs under the heavy petting by the Left Congresscritters.

***update*** Ami Bera (D-CA) just stated "we (congressional freshmen) havent gotten much time to serve with you, but we hope in a few years we'll get that chance to serve again." Really... then stated how willing and forthright she has been today.

Mr. Lowenthal (D-CA) just stated: I also want to compliment you on your exemplary service... moving forward... your openness and transparency. Then he goes on to ask her "what are some of the obstacles you face in determing risk and presence" and the cam era cuts to her and she is smiking like the cat that swalloed the canary.

She just stated the Marine Security detatchments are "too young", and that they dont know how to do personal security. Exscuse me?! I was one, and I provided pesonal security to YOU!

Officially, Madame Secretary. .. go fuck yourself.
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Thanks for the info. It went as expected. Politics at its best.
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I watched it earlier today. Everything was covered up for her, and they tried to make it as enjoyable as possible. One democrat said we shouldn't blame Clinton on poor intelligence because it was poor intelligence that said Iraq had WMD. She said she takes the blame for it, but then she went and blamed previous administrations for other crap.
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