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Hill People Gear Kit Bags
I'm not sure why I didn't find these guys, when I was looking for a better method for carrying my revolver, in these thread;

While the safepacker works..., I've stopped carrying with a should strap, because it was really uncomfortable after so many miles, and started putting it on my hip belt, which was also eventually uncomfortable as it dragged the hip belt down..., I wanted something better.

Well I discovered these guys last week, and placed an order for their "runner" kit, because it is a slimmer profile than their standard kit.

[Image: dpkb2.JPG]

This thing is a seriously nice piece of gear. I've put it on and put my Tracker in it, and I think it is going the be the solution that I've been looking for. The straps lie flat, and the buckles should not interfere with my pack.

I have some geocaching/hiking coming up over the next week, so I'll test it and report back with my findings.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Please write back after some field testing. I'm very interested.

I'm looking for a way to carry something larger than usual while out geocaching with the family. Something to use while jogging would be an added bonus and this looks like it fits the bill.
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Justin have you had an opportunity to get out and test this yet? I have a bug up my ass to start cycling again when we break free from this oppressive arctic invasion of proper northeast winter. I've been exploring carry options and this thing just keeps coming up as possibly the best route short of mounting a holster to the frame of my bike.
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Yes, but I wear stuff for a while before writing reviews.

Preliminary results are good. It's stable, comfy, and convenient.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Final review coming this weekend. I have one more hike tomorrow, then I'll write it up. Long story short, I love this thing.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I just got one for bike rides. I've worn it around the house and love it. Waiting to take it out for a ride.

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OK so I finally have enough data for the one "con" I have about this thing, but to start off with, again, I love it.

It provides the perfect spot to keep my Taurus Tracker .44 and a few other items. As mentioned in the OP, I got the "runner" kit, which is a slimmer profile than some of their other ones. I didn't want it to be too bulky, and I didn't want to be tempted to carry 30 pounds on my chest. Additionally, the runner comes with additional stabilizer straps, which I don't use when hiking, but will use when I start biking.

Here's what I carry in mine: The Tracker, a couple of rem oil wipes, my cell phone and truck key, and 2 speed loaders for the Tracker. It's pretty tight with that stuff, but I could fit a couple of other smaller items if needed.

[Image: P1010225_zpsb6b3c85e.jpg]

[Image: P1010226_zpsc88646ec.jpg]

When inserting or removing your gun, be careful not to sweep the muzzle across your chest. You can see how my tracker fits in here, and if you're not careful, like with any holster really..., except this is your chest..., you could be sorry.

[Image: P1010227_zpse0ed8253.jpg]

As you can see in the picture in the OP, this bag distributes the weight across your back and it makes carrying the stuff that I have shown above easy peasy. The straps lay flat and do not interfere with your pack.

The other thing that I like is that the straps have keepers so that you don't have a bunch of loose straps flapping around, as seen in this stock photo.

[Image: dpkb4.JPG]

My one and only concern is that sweat/condensation does get through the bag. It's finally warm enough that I work up a good sweat and as shown below, I'm getting a buildup on the inside of the bag.

You can also see condensation on the gun (hence the rem oil wipes).

[Image: P1010274_zpse4214ab3.jpg]

Dampness on the bag itself.

[Image: P1010275_zps2a20188d.jpg]

Starting to get salty deposits on the inside.

[Image: P1010276_zpsf502b6cb.jpg]

SOOO, I have some "camp dry" and I'm going to treat the bag with that and see if it helps resolve the issue. I'm not that worried about it, that's why I wipe the gun down, but I'd prefer it didn't happen. So I'll report back with those findings.

Any other ideas to abate the sweat seepage would be appreciated.

In a nutshell, this bag solves the problem that I had with finding a comfortable way to carry a revolver when backpacking. I could see this working for just about any other application as well.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Put another ten miles on it today, after treatment with camp dry.., it did not prevent condensation on the gun.

I may try a sheet of plastic, but I'm not that worried about it. That's why I wipe it down and clean it.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
JustinHEMI;146428 Wrote:Any other ideas to abate the sweat seepage would be appreciated.

Line it with a shammy or microfiber dish towel? What about a small container of desiccant?

We have a couple containers of desiccant for our camper and it works pretty well...would be far too big for your needs but perhaps one or two small packets may work, but I suppose that all depends on how much you sweat.

One quick edit...if the gun is colder than the interior of the bag its going to get condensation on it no matter what. Maybe let the gun sit in the sun for a few minutes so the AC from your vehicle or house isn't a factor?
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Finally rode with mine today. All I can say is wow this thing is sweet! Couldn't even tell it was there. I carried an M&P Shield in a Desantis Nemesis, my DL, LTCF, and phone. I may have been able to get my keys in too but didn't really try. It was tight with the items I had, but then again that was to be expected for the snubby model. I did not have issues with moisture. Not sure if that was due to the holster or if the AC theory has some merit to it.
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