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Hillary Clinton’s Best Quotes on the Second Amendment
[/quote]Hillary Clinton’s Best Quotes on the Second Amendment
by S.H. Blannelberry on April 16, 2015

In a recent email blast from NRA Exec. Vice President Wayne LaPierre, he made one thing very, very clear about the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton is an existential threat to our right to keep and bear arms.

“Our worst fears can be summed up in three words: President Hillary Clinton,” said LaPierre. “Let’s stand and fight. Let’s do it now. Her campaign is running full speed and you and I and NRA need to be at full strength.”

Skeptics will wonder though whether LaPierre is simply blowing smoke or if Hillary really is anti-gun incarnate.

Well, based on what Hillary has said in the past and the fact that her husband Bill, former president, presided over the last federal ban on commonly owned and widely popular firearms and accessories, it’s pretty evident that Clinton is an anathema to the Second Amendment.[/quote]
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Quote:January 2008: Asked during a Democratic presidential debate whether “you’ve backed off a national licensing [and] registration plan,” Clinton says, “Yes.” She avers that “we need to enforce the laws that we have on the books” but adds, “I would also work to reinstate the assault weapons ban. We now have, once again, police deaths going up around the country, and in large measure because bad guys now have assault weapons again.”

Clinton is wrong on the facts.

Cop deaths by year since 1995

1995 183 Assault Weapons ban start
1996 140
1997 172
1998 171
1999 144
2000 162
2001 241*
2002 159
2003 150
2004 165 Assault Weapons ban end
2005 163
2006 156
2007 192
2008 148
2009 125
2010 161
2011 171
2012 126
2013 107
2014 117

During the ban nearly 200 more cops were killed than in the ten years after the ban ended.

*2001 is skewed high by 9/11 when 72 cops died. If you discount those the number is near the average for the 10 year period.

Conclusion? The AWB did nothing to affect cop deaths. If anything it made being a cop more deadly.

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