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Hillary R. Clinton - 45th Presumptive-President of The United States
Congratulations Hillary Clinton.

Your plan to run a dark horse candidate to fool the masses of Elmer Fudd's all across America has worked. You nearly lost it all against a crazy half-dead Democratic-Socialist, but you blithely convinced most of America that you deserve the Presidency, that "it's your time", and you aren't going to let anything stand in your way.

As The Donald destroys what is left of the GOP and conservatives are scattered to the wind, you'll enter the White House with a Congress that might be fractured but will be adamantly against you. It will be difficult for you to create a legacy, and as you're a big disappointment to 3rd-wave feminists already, you'll get to live up to be the big disappointment to the Democratic Party that most people already knew you to be.

I have to laugh as you ask me to support a RNC nominee who knows nothing about 2A issues and demonstrated zero faith in it. He lives in New York City. That's not a clue for you?

To recap:

- Not a single Democrat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
- A liberal SCOTUS that will get really liberal after we lose a huge catfight when Hillary proposes her nominee.
- Unless this shit is fixed in 2 years, the edge in Congress gets eroded.

Second amendment is poised to take a beating the next four years. A severe beating.

Thanks voters. Y'all have been great this year.

Join or die ArcticSplash, join or die. Maybe if I repeat it one more time it might give it a sliver of credence.

Join or die.

Join the Leftist who has infultrated conservatism, capitalism, constitutionalism, made a mockery of our founding values and principals, lied about everything he has always stood for, attacked people who actually care about their country, flip-flopped on every issue to fit a certain narrative, made deals with people who continue to destroy our country, compromises on everything, join or die.

What a joke.

Great post by the way. I've been saying it all along. All it took was a RINO trojan horse to completely destroy the Republican party but it went beyond that already. It has brought to the forefront the fake assed conservatives in our families, friendship circles and our communities. They've been successful in playing us against ourselves. People openly mock those who strictly adhere to the constitution and the bill of rights on a gun forum without question. Join or die they say, I say, take your own advice.
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I agree with Splash. The Organization is going to put Hillary in the White House, no matter what it takes. She will maintain the status quo, and that's all that matters to them. The vote is all we have, but it's superfluous.

Trump and Sanders are nothing but distractions.

The past 50+ years have been a slow, painful progression to this point. It's all the Boomers' fault. Campus protests and hippie chicks were a lot of fun, but this shit isn't funny any more.
I don't suffer from insanity.
I enjoy every minute of it.
Can't we all just pool our money and buy an island? There are some abandoned military bases in the south pacific that could be bought cheap.

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One high profile terrorist attack this summer that comes in through Mexico and Trump is the next President.

A leak that the FBI has enough to indict Hillary but DOJ will not pursue it and Trump is the next President.

A big recession and Trump is the next President.

The odds of a trifecta are better than 70% to happen. Trump is right, it will not even be hard to beat Hillary.

I am not leaving the Republican Party. Trump will be gone in 6 months.

Preventing damage to the PAGOP is more what I am concerned about. WE HAVE LOST THE ENTIRE PENNSYLVANIA SUPREME COURT. In 7 months there will be not a single Republican sitting on this court.


The only thing holding the antis back is the General Assembly. The PA House is fairly secure even if we lose all the Republicans in Chester and Montgomery County. The PA Senate is shaky. 4 or more losses and things get scary.

Moms Demand and Everytown already smell blood in the water.

Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke just pushed for yet another new gun lock bill and separating ammo and firearms in the home if there are children living inside. So basically "you can't use a gun to defend yourself inside your own home" bill. And of course they use the usual trope... if you keep a loaded firearm in the house for self defense you're going to murder children with it.
How the heck are they gonna enforce how you store your guns in your home?!
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They will train the school teachers and pediatricians to get that information off of your kids and then human services will do the rest....

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RugerGirl;173999 Wrote:How the heck are they gonna enforce how you store your guns in your home?!

Ex-post-facto prosecution. After an incident when they search your house and discover where you leave your firearms, then they'll toss that on as an additional charge. Which of course will get nolle-prossed away anyway and does zilch to prevent stupid parents from doing stupid things.

I do believe in parental liability for minor children and there is widespread support for it. A 16 year old gang bangin' and shooting people should equivocate with the parents of that child facing criminal charges for endangering the public welfare with their demon seed. As it stands now a parent is only going to get sucked into their child's prosecution if it was crystal clear there's a direct tie between the firearm the minor used and that it was openly sourced by the parent.

You would not begin to believe how many kids pick up the drug sales business from their parents. A LOT of them do. I got one asshole living on my block that's addicted to Xannies and it's because of his mom. Their house was burglarized last week while I was away on a business trip---friend of the junkie son was looking for cash and pills.

Luckily this son is just a deadbeat junkie. If he were more enterprising and doing drug sales and an incident took him away the only way the problem would REALLY be gone from my block is if the parents were wrapped up in the prosecution themselves. They stop paying their property taxes--BOOM--I put a deposit down to push it to Sheriff Sale and get the house flipped. One less violent drug problem on my block.

I know gun owners are split on this issue. Just remember in the eyes of the law, you don't have full rights as a minor child unless you're emancipated from your parents by the state; you're not a completely autonomous being. If that human is still legally attached to the parents... I don't see a big libertarian violation by sharing the child's crimes with the parents/guardian.

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