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Hispanic Group That Backed Obama Demands Amnesty For 11 Million Illegals…
andrewjs18;44198 Wrote:
firstequalssecond;44156 Wrote:and 40% of latinos are also on wic

and I find WIC to be morally wrong since it's a government program.

Certainly it's counter-productive and should be eliminated. But it's ultimately due to entitlement slaves voting for more of the same, and a sizable number of suburban dumb-asses with guilt complexes and organized union types voting for it as well. Until at least the latter two cases end, neither will WIC, welfare, midnight basketball or any other government freebie.

Quote:I think the difference between my stances and yours is that I find robbery to be immoral in all counts whether someone is born somewhere in Mexico or if someone is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I cannot morally justify it from one but then find it immoral from the other, simply because of where they were born.

There is a slight difference in degree if the Mexican was here illegally, worked illegally (under the table, of course - can't risk losing that entitlement, after all) and voted illegally. The Philly-born entitlement slave at least is not breaking any laws.

Quote:the real fact of the matter is that until the republican party wakes up to the societal changes in 2012, it won't ever get into that white house again.

It's more a matter of white liberals (mainly young female voters trying to perpetuate infanticide) and union types recognizing that the entire nation is cluster-fucked unless we stop spending government money and we stop importing entitlement whores, legal or otherwise.

Quote:think about this: if your were here legally, but your wife or significant other wasn't, and I kept on talking about how I want to vigorously deport her (btw, Obama has deported more illegals than Bush..again, if memory serves me correct) or shoot her if she steps across some line that the state has a territorial monopoly over, do you think that might affect how you plan on voting in an upcoming election?

So this comes down to politics, does it? Pandering to the enablers? Or perhaps the significant other that was voting illegally?

How is it you thought Ron Paul was going to get elected President, Andrew? Did you think he should have moderated his views as well?
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