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HK P30SK V1 mini review.
Picked up my HK P30SK V1 yesterday, and immediately went to the range to sling some lead. My pictures aren't very good, but it is just a mini version of my P30, which was to be expected. It doesn't give up any thickness, though, so it's still a double stack subcompact and may not be ideal for some people.

The gun functioned flawlessly out of the box with the 200 rounds that I fired. I had the guy that I bought it from install some night sights and they were very well set.

The gun doesn't recoil any more than its big brother, and the "ergonomic" grip make handling the sub-compact a breeze. The trigger is the same light LEM trigger that I have in my full size, and it was smooth with a short reset. This trigger may make some nervous about carrying on a loaded chamber, so you can get a heavier LEM (V2) or their DA/SA with decocker and safety (V3).

It does accept my full size P30 mags with no issues, so by carrying this gun, I'm giving up only 5 rounds if I carry a full size mag as the spare.

Speaking of carrying, after the range, I went and tooled around the Strip District for a few hours, and this thing carries much nicer than the full size, for me. The full size often sagged my pants and since I'm on the last notch of my beltman belt (going the right way), it was a struggle to carry it from day to day. The SK, however, no issues. It rode perfectly and concealed much better for me. I couldn't be happier.

I can now retire the Kahr CM9 to limited pocket use only, and carry the SK most other times.

First 10 rounds at 10 yards.

[Image: IMG_20150609_122335861_zpsjffslrwj.jpg]

It comes with your standard HK accessories.

[Image: IMG_20150609_121554225_zpsptwfsmma.jpg]

Brothers in arms.

[Image: IMG_20150609_121810496_zpsi6hgnwef.jpg]

This sucks for showing the size difference, but you get the idea.

[Image: IMG_20150609_121747423_zpsflgnas0t.jpg]
[Image: pafoasig.png]
Can the grip backstrap be changed on this model? Sometimes guns with a lot of curve in the back don't feel comfortable to me. The P30 looks like it's less curvy but it could just be an optical illusion due to the shorter grip.

I'll have to give it a test-fondle the next time I"m at a store that carries HK. Thanks for the review.
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
Yes it can be changed. In the pictures above, it has the most curvy one on, which is how it came. I put the middle curvy one on this morning.

[Image: pafoasig.png]

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