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Hollow Point vs. Hollow Cavity?
I was looking up some loading data for 380 Auto today and I noticed in the Lyman (49th Ed.) book that they make a distinction between "Jacketed Hollow Point" and "Jacketed Hollow Cavity" projectiles. Does anyone know what the difference might be? I've looked through the manual to see if they elaborate anywhere but haven't found anything. In fact the "HC" type bullets only show up in a few of the smaller hand gun calibers like 380, 32 H&R & 32-20 WCF. I skimmed the Hornady, Speer, Nosler, and Sierra books and there's no mention of a HC bullet that I can find.
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A JHP has a cavity that is wider on the outside and narrows going in. A JHC is narrow on the outside and widens going in. From what I gather it leads to better expansion in some calibers. I have no personal experience on the matter.
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