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Home Automation
Was just thinking about the lighting controls I have here in the house and some of the remote controls that I have as well. I have some keyfob controls that have four buttons on them. It would be very easy to program the system to turn lights on based upon those buttons. I could keep the keyfob with my night time SD firearm. If I had to go through the house, I could remotely turn on lights before I enter a room. Or if need by possibly use lights turning on as a distraction to anyone that may be inside.
This is cool, I just hacked down the device page for my home automation software to only display the controls for the exterior lights. I then installed an Iframe Widget to run on my Wordpress portal and embedded the hacked page for those controls in it. Now when I have the surveillance cameras up on my portal, I can quickly turn on or off the exterior lights.
I just added a text to speech field in my hack from lastnight. now I can type in anything and any computers that are listening will speak it.
Someone PM'ed me and asked about providing some links. is the automation software that I'm using. <-- Computer to Power Line Interface (works better than the X10 version CM11A) <-- All House Code receiver: This is important if you want to use multiple house codes for larger systems. <-- You'll want one of these so you can transmit X10 signals across both phases of your electrical system. This isn't the one I use, but that is what's available now.

Other than those things I'm just using standard X10 devices. I have a variety of wall switches (WS12A and WS13A), Plug-in Modules, motion sensors and flood lights. All X10 brand, most of them I picked up in buying lots off of Ebay over the years.

Anyone getting into it, you'll want to be aware that the WS12A switches have a dim function that cannot be used on florescent or CFL bulbs unless those devices can be dimmed. Even then, I wouldn't do it. Anywhere that I'm using non-incandescent bulbs I have the WS13A switch installed.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'm always open to talking about this stuff.
I'm havin' fun getting back into my home automation stuff. I had actually let the system go and wasn't doing much with it. But now that I have it running with new software it's working better than it was before. I just added a panic button to my new hacked device page. Pressing that button turns on all the interior and exterior lights. Another button clears the panic and turns off all the lights.
which version of the software are you using ?
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morpheus6d9;42872 Wrote:which version of the software are you using ?

HomeSeer 2.5
As part of the home theater set up the Universal Remote MX-980 is programmed to do the lights downstairs via Lutron controls. They can be programmed in a zillion different ways. To be honest in the six months I've had it I almost never used it - and you would be hard pressed to find a lazier person than me. To top off the fun after 7 days on generator power the Lutron controls needed to be reset. Reset F'ing light switches!?! Shrug

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Just been checking out the new ZWave products out there. It's a good idea and it'll probably eventually take off, but it's fairly expensive to get into it, even for a medium size home.

For me, I don't see any reason to change over to it since I already have so much X10 in place that's working well. I just need to work on getting some of my security stuff running now.
im looking to get into automation only thing i have so far is a wfi enabled thermostat, which products give the best value ?
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