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Home security ideas?
I'm just wondering if any of you guys have come up with any interesting solutions for securing your homes, beyond just having firearms? Personally, here's a few things (but not all Wink) I've been doing to start off...

-I put all of my exterior lights with photo-sensors so they turn on automatically when it gets dark. I also switched my exterior lights to LED so it doesn't make much of a dent in the power bill to run them all night.

-I swapped out the light switches in all of the rooms with an exterior (think garage and foyer) door over to motion sensors that turn the lights on automatically when something in the room moves. If someone breaks in it will also be easy for me to tell where they are on the first floor by which light is on just by looking at the light cast on the floor at the base of the steps looking down from 2F.

-I put a bell on the back of my garage man-door so when someone is home they can hear before they get to the door that leads into the house interior and it would make it more difficult for someone to hide and wait in the garage.

-Installed bolt latches on all basement windows

-All 1st floor sliders and windows have rods placed in the tracks to keep someone from climbing through a window.

-Most of the house has a little bit of a buffer zone around it so it would be difficult for someone to get from the street across the yard and up against the house without either on of us or a neighbor seeing it. We have also exchanged keys and phone numbers with the neighbor so we're on an "see something say something" basis mutually.

-Put sliding bolts on most of the doors that get closed off when we go to bed.

We live in a very safe neighborhood, but we recently got a letter from our community organization saying that our mailman (opps not PC terminology Tongue) spotted some people (funny there was no mention of what they actually looked like) in a car driving around slowly and casing houses in our community and then they apparently tried to break in to one of the nearby homes after the mailman phoned them into 911 and then when confronted by Wilmington PD they ran and a police chase ensued on 202 whereby in the end they somehow got away. Needless to say it's got me thinking about tightening things up a bit since I'd obviously prefer not to have to shoot someone whenever it would be otherwise avoidable lol. Although, I think if a would-be burglar were to look at the NRA stickers on my work vehicle in the driveway and then my neighbor's vehicle hopefully they'll think twice about their life choices and break into their house instead first of give our block a miss. Angel
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Not original but I have a dog that I praise anytime he barks to alert us that someone is near the house. Great early warning system.
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Dog, Heat sensing motion detectors down stairs (no way to move on the first floor with out me knowing) all doors alarmed. The kids know if they hear the alarm to get into our bedroom (cross the hall) and stay with my wife until I come and get them. The neighbors just moved in from philly and they keep the front of my house lit up pretty well. Next door has 2 dogs that bark at everything. Plus I dont sleep,Wink
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My parents have a burglar alarm system, enclosed (fenced in) backyard, multiple deadbolts on the front door, motion sensor lights in the backyard, our garage light and light next to our front door are always on from sunset to sunrise, and me - aka the neighborhood Rambo Big Grin
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Depending on how new your home is Built a razor Knife is all that may be needed to cut through an Exterior wall. During the Housing boom, Siding was slapped up over Styrofoam Insulation, then wall insulation and finished on the inside with drywall. Keeping that in mind, if your Home is newer.

My list would be the following and is what I have done at My Home.

A real home Security System that is monitored, calls the Police, Fire, you and your list of Emergency contacts.

Signs stating XYZ security...
Quality locks on every entry door. Door clubs on every entry door.
Magnetic contacts on every ground floor window and door, connected to the Alarm. Motion Sensors in any area not used during the Night, such as the basement. Glass Break if you have lots of Windows, such as a Sun room. Your Home may have different requirements than mine.

A House with Alarm Signs are Three less time likely to be Broken into!

A camera System is on my list, however that list is very long.
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I have a couple ofdriveway alarms hidden which let me know if anyone enters the backyard or crosses closer than the front porch. It works quite well.
I have a two year old that makes faces through the glass on the front door whenever he sees somebody standing on the porch. He keeps unlocking the front door too and I never notice until the following morning.

I've been wanting to beef up our interior basement door. Over the winter we put in a much sturdier door on the back of the house. For the past year I have been obsessed with setting up a wireless camera system to monitor a few areas outside of the house. My hangup is not wanting to invest in hardware that can withstand the winter months. We have a lot to do, it is scary when you start viewing your house through the eyes of a determined criminal.
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I have these at every door.

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