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Homeowner Uses Derringer to Disarm Shotgun Wielding Burglar, Then Shoots Burglar
Quote:GA Homeowner Uses Derringer to Disarm Shotgun Wielding Burglar, Then Shoots Burglar With Own Shotgun

A homeowner in GA came home to find a man in his home armed with a shotgun.

The homeowner drew a derringer style pistol he had in his pocket and told the suspect to drop the gun.

The suspect complied and the homeowner picked up the shotgun and attempted to hold the would be burglar at gunpoint until police arrived, but the suspect charged him, so the homeowner shot him once in the chest with the shotgun.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
If this guy survives it will be a testament to modern medicine. Sounds like he took one full on in the chest at just about point blank range. At that range any 12 or 20 gauge load would be utterly devastating.
''I hit him," said McRae. "I knew I did. I meant to."

I don't usualy see this from the good guys. I am glad to see someone being honest and not being afraid to doing what had to be done.
You have a right to protect yourself and a duty to protect your family.
What? I thought only bad guys take our guns and shoot us with them. This can't be real. Ask Pierce Morgan. He usually knows (everything) better.

[Image: oh_no_not_again2.jpg]
You know when I was at Cabella's a couple weekends ago I was near the derringer display case and I was staring intently at a Philadelphia-made derringer that had caught my eye because it looked like it was in working condition.

First thought: "This gun is so damn old and with the shape derringers have, nobody will know it's a gun. Probably not even the cops. I could carry this openly and people will think I just broke off the end of some old man's cane."

Interesting concealed-carry weapon if I must say. Wonder if someone can make a replica in .308 Big Grin
So let me get this straight... The suspect was at gunpoint and ordered to drop his weapon. So he drops the shotgun then proceeds to attack the homeowner? Why not try to shoot him with the shotgun? I'm glad it worked out for the homeowner, but damn, that criminal was an idiot.
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