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Hornady pulls a Zumbo
Guess I wont be buying Hornady bullets anymore.

Quote:I just received this email from Hornady Manufacturing, Inc []
They are standing behind Dick Metcalf and are saying that we the paying customers are mistaken and are taking Dick Metcalfs column out of context.
Read the email below.
Well Dick Metcalf is no more anti-gun than Wayne LaPierre. His words are being taken
out of the context of the whole article , the thrust of which is that regulation may
mean infringement to some people. The supreme court ruled that all of the rights
granted by the constitution can be regulated or restricted in certain ways. It is
naïve for some supposed pro-gun rights individuals to take the position there can be
absolutely no infringement of the 2nd Amendment, whatsoever. Of course there can, we
don't legally allow felons or the mentally ill to have access nor do we allow
law-abiding citizens access to nuclear bombs. So, there is infringement. And always
was and always will be. The question of degree enters into it and Dick Metcalf will
fight as strenuously as anyone for the right of law-abiding citizens the unfettered
right to access to firearms.
If you are not buying anything from any company that advertises in Guns and Ammo,
and its sister pubs, Petersen's Hunting and Shooting Times I guess you've decided to
give up hunting and shooting altogether because EVERYBODY in this industry
advertises there at some time.
If you have issues with what he said write him or the magazine and ask him to
explain his position more clearly so you can understand it."

Thanks for showing your stripes Hornady. Damn shame, I liked the V/Z-Max bullets too.

Hornady CYA on Facebook:

Quote:"Hornady Since we were founded in 1949, Hornady has been, and always will be, a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. We have fought alongside the NRA, NSSF and numerous other national organizations, and Political Action Committees to fend off any attacks and proposed limitations of our 2nd Amendment Rights, at both the national and state level.

Dick Metcalf’s recent op-ed article in the December edition of Guns & Ammo has brought him and the company he works for (Intermedia) under attack. We (Steve & Jason Hornady and senior management) know Dick Metcalf well. Over the years we’ve shared many meals, stories and created tons of “empty brass” together at media events, trade shows and campfires, and we have always found him to be a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment and firearm rights. Dick is our friend in spite of the fact that we don’t agree with his opinions represented in the article in question.

We’ve had a very good working relationship with Intermedia and their predecessors for over 50 years. We believe they will resolve this issue and continue to run a great company."

Then an email from the donkey himself:

Quote:"We did in a previous post - Here is a copy: We apologize for the response as it was written. We have identified and dealt with the staffer responsible and it won’t happen again.
Steve Hornady"
[Image: incubi+INK.jpg]. ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN no diff
Amazingly they all hide behind a politically supercharged Supreme these POS are somehow Objective.

Geez....the stoopid is going viral.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson
They can say the sky is pink and we should all swear our allegiance to the Holy spirit of Saddam Hussein for all I care. Just keep crankin' out the ammo.

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