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Hornady releases SD ammo for women
This would also be good for older people and people with arthritis.

Quote:And Little Pink Bullets for Me and You...

Need a light-recoiling self-defense load for your .38 Special revolver? Take a look at the new ammo from Hornady: the Critical Defense Lite.

The new .38 Special load uses an FTX bullet like the other loads in the Critical Defense line of ammunition, but is specifically loaded to be as mild as possible while still retaining the ability to stop an attacker. The FTX bullet uses a polymer tip, but unlike the other bullets from Hornady, this tip is pink.

The Lite load uses a 90 grain bullet that makes for 1200 fps out of a 4” test barrel. I would imagine that most people would carry this load in a snub nose revolver such as a Smith & Wesson J-frame. Typically these guns have a barrel length of 2” or less, so don’t expect this load to get anywhere near 1200 fps from one of these guns.

[Image: 90300-38-Special-90gr-FTX-Critical-Defen...0x257.jpeg]

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[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
They only made this for revolvers? I would love something like this for my LCP.
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How much "more controllable" can a 38 Special get? I'm pretty sure my wife would get pissed if I bought her "girl ammo"!
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spblademaker;119299 Wrote:How much "more controllable" can a 38 Special get? I'm pretty sure my wife would get pissed if I bought her "girl ammo"!

I think it's a mistake to call it "lady's ammo." The fact is that in a 2" barrel there's really not much use for a very heavy load of powder anyway--- anything but the lightest load just comes out the muzzle in a big flash of light and fire. And little stubby light pistols do have a rather nasty recoil.
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The is one of the most inadvertantly sexist things I've heard about.
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jahwarrior72;119350 Wrote:The is one of the most inadvertently sexist things I've heard about.

Just from reading the title I thought it was for hunting them.
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jahwarrior72;119350 Wrote:The is one of the most inadvertantly sexist things I've heard about.

I don't think so. I don't think it's sexist to try to address a genuine reason that some women are afraid to shoot--recoil. I personally know women who don't like guns because of the recoil. The more they can make a gun easy to shoot, the more likely women might be to think about self defense.
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I read the description of the ammo to Molly; she rolled her eyes so hard, she almost had a seizure.

The fact that you believe recoil is an issue tells me you bought into the sexist bullshit that is fed to women; it's no different than makeup or wieght loss commercials that constantly assault the psyches of women, to make them feel like they're not "good enough", somehow. They might as well advertise this ammo in Cosmo, right next to the article that tells why you can't keep a man.

They could have simply pushed this as a low recoil option; in fact, Hornady already makes and sells low recoil SD ammo, for handguns and long guns. They just swapped the red insert for a pink one.

Who says that recoil is an issue for women, anyway? Molly can shoot .45 ACPs all day; I generally load 230g. rounds, and I load them a bit hotter than factory loads. She doesn't seem to mind. I've shot with a bunch of chicks; recoil was never a problem for them, either. They flinched, but only because they were new to shooting; the noise and recoil was a new experience, but once they got over it, they handled it like any man would.

Yes, the marketing for this ammo is sexist, and is in poor taste. Pink inserts? Really? Why not add little hearts and flowers, and include an apron and tampons with each box? Why even bother making any ammo for women, when they should be making fucking sandwiches, in the first place?
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I dunno. I guess I just don't take it personally. I mean....maybe people want it to go with their raspberry colored Ruger, I dunno.

I personally know someone whose husband is WAY pro gun and she is afraid of gun recoil herself. *shrug*

I see what you're saying, but I personally just don't see it as a huge personal affront, I guess.
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