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Hospital Carry FAIL.
Hooray upper respiratory infections! This is about the time of year I get them. Having asthma only complicates things, and if I'm not careful, I run the risk of geting full blown pneumonia (I'm susceptible).

So, I went down to Moses Taylor hospital in Scranton last night. CMC has a big Victim Zone warning sign on the door, so I avoid that place when I can. Last I checked, MTH had no policy against carrying, but I concealed anyway, 1911 on my hip, .38SW breaktop in my pocket.

4 hours passed. I was poked, prodded, given an IV, and X-rayed. The fourth hour, a doctor examined me, and lifting my shirt, saw the 1911. He said nothing. But, minutes after he left, an UNARMED security guard showed up, informing me they had a no-carry policy, and that I'd.have to give my gun to him to lock on their safe. "Well, I'm not gonna hand my gun to you. I don't know you
What I can do is go with you and put in your safe myself."

"That's fine," he said.

We walked a ways, and my wheezing got worse. "You alright," he asked.

"No," I wheezed.

We got to the security office, and he opened the safe. There were other guns in there: three Blocks, and a small revolver. "Pocketknife, too," he said. I threw it in next to my 1911. This is why I carry at least two knives, minimum. Two more were in my back pockets, and the little breaktop revolver (that Molly calls 'The Goblin') sat in my left front pocket.

On the walk back to my room, he asked if I had a permit. I said sure. I don't argue about the phrasing anymore; license and permit are interchangeable words, for all practical purposes, and arguing the point just makes people sound like pedantic dickheads.

"Yes, I have one."

"May I see it?"

"Huh? No."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not obligated to. You're not a LEO."

"Actually," he said, pulling out his wallet, "I am." In it was a sheriff's deputy badge. "I'm the guy that issued your permit."

"Nice badge," I wheezed. "Entirely pointless though, since you're off duty." I fought for my next few breaths, a fact he was either oblivious to, or unconcerned with. "And it's a license, not a permit, that the Sheriff's office issues."
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Crap, my phone just shit out on me.

Anyway, guys who flash badges to make a point make me act like a pedantic dickhead.

"So you're not going to show me?"

"Are you...gonna stop me...from going back in?" It was getting really hard to breathe, and the borders of my vision began to blur. "If you want the Scranton...PD...and have them verify....I'm legal...that's fine...but they're gonna have to...come to my see it." I was sweating hard, and my face tingled.

He blinked, and let me get back to my room, and albuterol goodness therein.

I was finally able to leave a short time after midnight, after a superdose of Solumedrol, some antibiotics, and a few dozen doses of albuterol. I went, signed for my gun, getting dirty looks from two UNARMED security guards, then left.
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Fuck'em if they can't take a joke... lol

I love guns... And boobs...
Well done, sucks you've got to go through all that crap not just with the asthma.  Good thing those unarmed security guards can stop the Scranton criminals by their 'words' if one was to cause trouble Rolleyes

All the drugs they have in hospital ERs, you'd think they'd have SOMEONE armed there.
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Well I'm glad YOU'RE ok!

I'm glad you stood up to guard as well. Suck they disarmed you though. Too bad the doc didn't have the stones to say something.

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Yeah, I wasn't gonna waste my time with obvious arguments against victim zones. I still had a gun in my pocket, so fuck em. Out of the four area hospitals, only Mercy has, or had, armed security.
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Unarmed security, gotta love it.

"Hey you!  Stop!  Or I'll..... TELL!!!

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

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Good job!  I never understood the off-duty-cop-working-security assuming they have every right that an on-duty cop has.  IF your're not working you're not working - period.

I also what kind of impression you left by standing up for yourself while barely able to breathe, let alone walk.
I hope he felt like a complete douche for giving you shit when you could barely breathe afterwards; I doubt it, but I hope so.

Handled as well as could be expected under the circumstances, I think.
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I'm glad your condition didn't deteriorate. If you were admitted couldn't you have been charged with defiant trespass?

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