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I read that Bush and Trump are tied for first and Christie is third for the GOP.

How is that? I don't know a soul who likes Bush or Christie. Where do these numbers come from?
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The MSM is choosing it that way.
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The only thing I can think of is that the poll people had to list only those three names in the question in order to get that. I have never heard of one person who would actually vote for Bush or Christie. Maybe I just don't have enough friends, I dunno.
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Quote:by MATTHEW BOYLE11 Jul 20153960
LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Real estate magnate and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has skyrocketed to Republican frontrunner status, as a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos has Trump tied for first place with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. The rest of the pack is far behind them.

Trump pulled in 15.8 percent, compared to Bush’s 16.1 percent in the poll of 404 self-identified Republicans taken from July 6 to July 10. Since the poll’s credibility interval is 5.7 percent, that puts both Bush and Trump in a league of their own atop the field, as the next best candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, doesn’t even break 10 percent.

What is perhaps most interesting is that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%
has begun sinking heavily in the polls, as he is behind most of the Republican candidates—now in tenth place, well out of contention—clocking in at just 3.9 percent in this poll.

This is a significant crash in the polls for Rubio, too, since back in late April, just after he announced his presidential campaign, he was in second place behind Bush. In a Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll from April, Rubio was at that time at 18 percent, right behind Bush’s 23 percent. No other candidate even got close to them, as Walker was four more points back at 14 percent in that poll of 251 Republican primary voters conducted April 26 to April 30 with a margin of error 6.19 percent.

In this latest Reuters poll, Rubio is well behind most of the rest of the field.

Christie, who is the latest entrant into the field, comes in a distant third with 9.5 percent, while Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
places fourth with 8.1 percent. Dr. Ben Carson is next with 7.2 percent, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker comes after that with 5.8 percent.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gets 5.5 percent, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry gets 5.3 percent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
gets five percent, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal takes 2.1 percent, former New York Gov. George Pataki gets two percent, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina both poll at 1.6 percent. Ohio Gov. John Kasich and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)47%
round out the field with 1.4 and 1.3 percent, respectively.

In the whole field, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, that means Rubio is in tenth place behind the following candidates: Trump, Bush, Christie, Paul, Carson, Walker, Huckabee, Perry, and Cruz. If he keeps sinking like this, Rubio could be in danger down the road of losing a place on the debate stage for various networks who have limited the space to 10 GOP candidates per debate—and are basing their decisions on polling data.

This is not the only poll that shows Rubio in a free fall. The latest Economist/YouGov poll out last week showed Rubio slipping as well. That poll, like this one, has Trump in the lead, even out ahead of Jeb Bush.


PS IMHO thread title sucks, doesn't really make you want to check it out, especially for the politics forum.
In general, they only poll the cities. Those who live in the country don't matter. One city block has enough population for several miles of country. It's also how liberal Democrats win states like PA, with an entirely red state with a couple of blue, highly concentrated, dots. Anyway, the names you mention are those that are out there in the news. Country folk are informed. They always are aware, where is the wolf howling at the door. Most city folk could care less about politics. They pull the blue lever and more stuff comes out of the machine.
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I would vote for any of them in a heartbeat if the alternative is Hillary.
At this point the polls are simply name recognition.
Coops;167760 Wrote:I would vote for any of them in a heartbeat if the alternative is Hillary.
At this point the polls are simply name recognition.

It's an unbelievably sad state of affairs that we are reduced to "anybody but Hillary" but, yeah . . . . . .
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So far the other Dems are just as terrifying.
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The average American is about one notch above being mentally retarded. Christie is a loud blowhard that was in the news for his "bridgegate" scandal so they heard his name 100 times a day for months. Jeb has the Bush last name plus loads of press attention. The other candidates hardly get talked about at all. When someone calls one of these mildly retarded average Americans up on the phone they name the only candidate whose name they heard on TV. They have no clue what he stands for they just know they heard the name. They have no clue about politics, but they don't want to let on how dumb they are and instinctively they just blurt out the name they heard on TV, the only name they know. That's how the numbers for Jeb are so high, it's all name recognition. If it comes down to Jeb vs Hillary I'll vote for Hillary and ride that bomb right into the ground rather and be subject to another 4 years of impotence and can kicking and dragging out the inevitable. If we're going to collapse as a country under either Jeb or Hillary better it happen sooner than later. At least I know Hillary will collapse us much faster than Jeb will so we can at least look at starting over and possibly still have time to rebuild under a reasonable government again before I retire once Hillary gets ousted for having driven America into the ground. There is no hope with Jeb at all. I want my daughter to actually live in a growing economy by the time she gets out of school. If the Band-Aid needs to come off, rip it off, don't pull it slow and drag it out!

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