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How busy is your LGS
I stopped into two of my LGS today.

Both times I was the only customer there.

New ARs are on the shelves, New handguns are back on the shelves.

Both were still rationing ammo purchases.

How are you LGS-s doing.
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Same. Gun buying has died down, but ammo seems to remain in short supply and ammo prices remain elevated.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
My goto has had guns back on the shelves for about the last month. ARs, Glock, M&P, XD, Sig, etc. I did however have to wait approximately 4-5 weeks for a Glock 32 gen4 which I just picked up today. Ammo is still in short supply, and what little they are getting is still selling as soon as it comes in. I am still seeing heavy customer traffic in the store. Before this panic, weekdays were almost always a guarantee to get some quality BS time in with the guys behind the counter. These days it seems they are always on the phone with PSP running at least one check regardless of day of week or time of day.
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I dunno... haven't been in one in about a year.
Just about the same here, as in the OP.

Big scary, nun murdering assault weapons are on the shelves. About $300 higher than before the panic.

Handguns are in no short supply. Never were here.

Ammo is back on the shelves, still being limited, and slightly elavated prices.

Primers, and powder are the same from a few months ago. And my place never has a good selection of brass.

Last week I was there, and so was a couple getting a pistol for the wife. And that was it.
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I was in my LGS yesterday, for the first time in a couple of weeks to get my hunting license. The thing that catch my eye was the lack of customers looking at firearms (the shelves are well stocked).

Most of the customers were purchasing hunting licenses, hunting gear, & on very rare occassions the overpriced ammo. IMHO the price for ammo in this gun shop is 4X to 5X more than the pre-panic prices. I for one won't pay those prices.

The ammo that I purchase now seems to holding at pre-panic prices since they are odd ball calibers. I bought some .32 H&R Magnum, .32 Long colt, 44-40 Winchester, .454 Casull, & .500 Linebaugh at close to or pre-panic prices. Since my purchases came out to be high $$$; I joking said why don't throw a 50 round box of Winchester Silvertips in .38 Super+P for $30.00 to make the price an even $$$ amount and the owner said done deal.

It will be a while till I start buying the more common calibers...prices have to come down to pre-panic levels or I'll pass.
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From a LGS employee perspective stock is returning, although some companies still have massive backorders; ammo is the problem.

Prices are up, mostly on the semi-auto rifles and common handgun ammunition (specifically, FMJ rounds). Most rifle, shotgun, and hollow point ammunition remains at normal price levels compared to last year.
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I have no idea. I haven't made a firearm purchase in about 4 years.
When ammo prices first got stupid I stopped looking. No point buying a gun I cannot afford to feed.[/u]
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Not sure yet, I found out about a new one opening today in Lemoyne Pa , (Harrisburg) so if I'm done working in time I'll stop by. Brownies is the only information I have on it
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