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How Hard Is It To Finish 80% Lower
I would click on the link, but I don't want the Feds showing up at the house. Ninja
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King Shooter Supply started having AR upper and lower build classes. Basically you would do the work and they would help you, if necessary. I don't know when their next class is.

Edit to add: If you only want one rifle, then I'd just buy a completed lower. If you want custom parts on the lower, then I could see maybe buying the 80% lower. If you plan on building more than one rifle, then I think the class and tools might be worth it. I like ARs, but I'm not an AR junkie, so I rather just buy a completed lower.
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80% build party Big Grin
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morpheus6d9;139007 Wrote:80% build party Big Grin

Wouldn't that be a 20% build party since 80% is already done?
I'm always shocked at the price of these 80% jigs. I've seen a few legit decent milling machines on craigslist before in the $600 range since there are way more big heavy machine tools these days than there are people who have any interest in using them. I would be really terrified of doing any kind of metal working with a wood router. 1 or 2hp at 25,000rpm can have disastrous consequences.
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