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How many firearms do you use for carry?
Until recently, every time I bought a new handgun I would also go out and buy a holster and carry ammo for it. I have small drawer filled with various holsters for my pistols. Finally one day it hit me. Why don't I only use my two firearms for carry? My Ruger SR9c is my primary carry gun. I won't fully review the pistol, but the highlights for me are: it's very concealable, I'm highly accurate with it, the gun holds either 10+1 or 17+1 depending on the magazine I use, it has never jammed, and it fits my hand perfectly - acting as an extension of my body. I also carry a Ruger LCP as a backup gun or that's the only gun I'll carry if for whatever reason I can't carry my SR9c. The LCP is nothing special, but it holds 6+1 rounds of .380 in a very compact package and has never jammed on me either. I upgraded some things on the LCP to make it more user friendly and reliable which include: the Hogue LCP overgrip, stainless steel recoil rod, stronger recoil spring, and I painted the sights with nail polish (yellow front, green rear).

Anyways, do you guys carry almost every handgun you purchase or is there only 1 or 2 handguns you use for carry? I don't know why I always thought if I bought a new pistol I'd have to automatically get a holster for it for carry.

Edit: Sorry for the grammar and spelling errors. I wrote this late at night.
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I'm probably in the minority, but I only have one pistol (cz85b) for both carry and the occasional competition. Don't really plan on getting another. I'm sure I will but not in any way a priority.
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I did the same thing for a while. I started selling the holsters on eBay and cleared out a lot of space. 99% of the time I carry my Glock 23 in a kydex OWB holster. When I think there is a chance of having to disarm or I feel like I really need to conceal I carry the smaller Glock 27 appendix IWB in an Incog holster.

I did just buy a holster for my RIA 10mm which I plan to carry in the woods. We will see how long that lasts.
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I'm of the opinion that if you have a pistol, you should have a holster for it. Even if you never plan to carry it.

I figure at the range I might only take one or two guns, and may want to have a place to keep it on my person.

Plus, if there was ever an "OMG, the world is over time to break out the gunzzzsz for zombie walkers!" scenario better to have one than to not.

As for how many guns I carry...Beretta 9mm, S&W 642 Airweight in .38 and a Bersa Thunder .380. In that order of frequency and preference.

The 642 is always at home and loaded in the safe my wife can get into, whether I'm with it or not. Its there so my wife has something if she needs it. I'll take the Bersa then, if the Beretta won't do (due to weather).

I'm eventually going to get myself my own carry revolver, since I love revolvers.
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I have whittled my collection down to what I consider necessary for EDC, and SHTF. I no longer keep a safe full of guns that I never shoot. I'm not a collector, and I grew tired of cleaning, storing and maintaining ammo stock for different weapons that went unused.

So, for my EDC, I'm down to my H&K P30 in .40, and a Ruger LCP for deep concealment. The Ruger LCP has been taken out of service for the time being because at my last range trip, it failed to extract the last 2 rounds of the magazine on two different magazines. Until I sort that out, I'm not confident in it.

I also have a .44 revolver for backpacking.

For each of those, I have the appropriate holsters.

I used to buy new guns all the time, and I've even posted range reviews of some of them, and then I would retire them when the next shiny thing came along. I no longer do that. I examined what I was doing and the amount of money I was wasting on something that I just wasn't into..., collecting guns. So now my safe has the 3 hand guns I mentioned, 2 rifles and 1 black rifle. The rest of the safe holds all the ammo for those, and I'm happy with what I have. It has been a while since I've wanted to buy a new gun.

The P30 is the single best pistol I've ever owned and carried, and unless they make a compact version, I can't see myself ever replacing it for my EDC...., and I tried, but I always come back to the P30.


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I have about 20 guns, and only one is suitable for carry. Pistols just don't do it for me. I'm a rifle/shotgun/SMG kind of guy.

That being said, I do have a holster for every pistol and a case for every long gun.
JustinHEMI;140410 Wrote:The P30 is the single best pistol I've ever owned and carried, and unless they make a compact version, I can't see myself ever replacing it for my EDC...., and I tried, but I always come back to the P30.

My P30, also in .40, is what I would call my daily carry piece. However, there are times when to me its like a pair of shoes. I practice with and maintain proficiency with all my firearms so that's not a concern.

When I'm driving the P car the P30 is really snug and not comfortable, so I either wear my (in order of preference) CZ 2075 RAMI in .40 or my PPK/S (I wore the P30 to CI but had to take it off, ugh). I have a higher riding holster for the RAMI and it sits nice and comfy, the Walther is just the right size between me and the seatbelt (I won't switch carry style to a shoulder rig, I firmly believe my muscle memory is trained to drop to my hip because that's the way I always wear/practice/draw). Driving the wife's car is about the same but there's a little more room for the P30, depends on my mood. When driving the Silverado I can wear anything comfortably, if I'm going to OC and not dress to carry then I like my 586 4" in a retention holster, if I'm going to cc back to the P30. Occasionally the Gold Cup, 92FS, or Jericho 941 will get worn but that's pretty rare.
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4. my 2 springfields are my edc guns. depending on where im headed, my ithaca shotgun or my ar pistol makes the trip
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