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How many rounds are you sitting on?
In light of the 2013 Ammo Crisis, lets hear how many rounds of all calibers total that you are sitting on. Are you comfortable with your number? How many rounds should a fellow have?

Before the crisis started, I never counted my .22 LR's but these days, every thing is game! I'm definitely feel understocked at around 1000 multi caliber rounds.
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You mean 1000 total?

We have well a under 100 for the Mosin. Other than that I think we are right around 1000 rounds of each, 5.56, .45, and .22. Most are target rounds, or FMJ.

I would like to acquire another (better) .22 rifle and another AR/M4, and another 1000 5.56 and maybe 1000 - 5000 .22, but not at these prices.
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Simple answer ... not enough.

With IDPA, Steel Plate, and practice it goes quick.

Will start reloading this week when the last few supplies come in Smile
(03-12-2013, 03:24 PM)IntenseImage Wrote: Simple answer ... not enough.

With IDPA, Steel Plate, and practice it goes quick.

Will start reloading this week when the last few supplies come in Smile

I'm with him... need to make some more after shooting 200 rounds in Florida this past weekend.

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Not as many as I would like, but more than some would think necessary.

I won't go into all of my calibers. But in .22 I have between five and seven thousand rounds.

Let's put it this way. I have a closet that has my safe, and ammo in it. Aside from guns, ammo, and accessories. Magazines, bipods, scopes, and extra batteries for my red dot. Aside from that stuff, there is nothing else in there.
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Hardly any compared to what we should have. Sad

Money's been tight this past year so we haven't really been buying ammo, except as needed for range trips, and a box of home defense for our 9mm and 380. As it is, we had to wait for tax returns to come in to redo the new range membership.

Maybe when things get caught up we can catch up on the ammo too...hopefully new laws won't be instiututed by then.
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Only 2 rounds, because if you have 3 or more, they consider that a "cache" and you will be demonized by the media if you ever have to defend yourself.

Actually I have just enough that I'm not panicking, but pretty much don't shoot anymore except for the occasional 22 plinking. I haven't taken a full count lately but it's a few thousand (not including 22 of course).
10, because that's all that fits in the G26 magazine that's currently in my back pocket.
Not enough.

Waiting on supplies to finish reloading some 223.

Ive got some 22LR, .45ACP, 5.56, 30-30, n' there abouts.

Just like Jello, there's always room for more Big Grin
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Never enough.

I've only got guns in four calibers at the moment. Of those, two have plenty of ammo, ~1000 each, and the other two have less than 20. That'd be the 12 gauge and the Mosin.
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