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How many rounds in a box of .22LR?
gascolator;170927 Wrote:
mauser;170923 Wrote:I haven't bought ammo for a long time, and I know that A.E. isn't "top shelf" stuff. I thought I found a deal, (relatively speaking in recent terms of price).
At $2.99 for 40 rounds it's about 7½¢ per round while the best rertail price I've seen lately is $4.59 for 50 rounds, which is about 9¢ per round so the A.E. is still the cheaper ammo. I was just surprised to see that they've hiked their price the same way as other industries have done. (reduced quantity to help offset, (disguise), the price increase).

Sorry to disappoint you, but AE was sold in boxes of 40 way before the post-Sandy-Hook shortage started. They haven't reduced as a back door price hike. That's how they've packaged for a decade or more.

These days, the best price on .22LR is probably Remington Thunderbolts.

Often called "Thunder-Turds" by the hardcore rimfire community, they in fact of late have been pretty damned good and reliable. I can reliably shoot one ragged hole groups at 25 yards with a $80 used Marlin 80 variant. And in spite of rumors to the contrary, they aren't any dirtier than any other .22LR, all of which use basically black powder as a propellant.

Their quality control is better than Winchester bulk ammo. While copper plated, the Winchester shit has on and off issues with weak crimps leading to near-squibs and debris firing into your face from shells that don't build up proper pressure to expand fully into the chamber. (Rimfire's kind of odd.)

You aren't disappointing me at all. I thought I mentioned that I haven't bought ammo for a long time. (The Sandy Hook incident wasn't a long time ago). I stopped buying ammo before W.J. Cinton was President. I've always known .22 LR ammo to be 50 rounds per box.
Sorry I ruffled your young feathers.

(Thunder Turds was always good ammo for me, I still have some that I've had since the 1970s, maybe the newer stuff isn't as good as the stuff we "old timers" were stuck with).
On a final note, I don't recall ever shooting any .22 ammo that had any characteristics of black powder as a propellant so maybe I'm really old school in your book.
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