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how many trust the reports from NV
It's a real shame but anymore I second guess everything reported on the major news networks..

With what happened in NV over the week-end, how many of us here believe the story being told is how it went down. I mean after the cops were murdered..

How many here actually think that the story would be told if the citizen that was legally armed, shot and killed one of the killers but couldn't get both. The citizen was killed by the girl who then took her own life.the armed citizen could have possibly saved some lives.

I think it's kind of odd that the girl kills the GG then her husband then herself, I'm not saying it can't happen it's just odd..

I don't mean to sound conspiratorial but why does it take over a day to put out the events as they unfolded as known at the time, I'm sure it was recorded. It just seems they needed time to put a narrative together..

What do ya'll think? Would you expect the news media to report that the citizen being armed could have actually saved a few lives
With the Second Amendment saying what it says, Why isn't the Federal Government Suing NY
Oh it’s simple. Just keep searching online for information you agree with and fits your world view because that must be true. These days any view can be supported by some website or another. That which you don’t agree with can be dismissed as left wing propaganda. Problem solved!

Have not followed this story that closely but because of the Gladstone flag MSNBC will run with it because it supports their view. Fox will only give it passing coverage.

During past incidents where the shooter was a left wing nut, Fox ran with it while MSNBC minimized it.

Gotta keep the base fat and happy.
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
Honestly, the incident sounds organic. Patriots gone fucking nuts. They probably thought they were firing the first shots in the second revolutionary war. They were sorely misled in their actions, their beliefs, and worst of all their targets. Most cops and military are on the side of the American people now. Shooting 2 cops is nothing more than murder based on hate for authority.

Now, the red flag... nothing was mentioned about Gadsden flags at first, but people mentioned that they spoke of "revolution". Ok so they remember their words but the flags slipped their mind? Nothing was mentioned of Nazi leanings at first, but then all of the sudden they are white supremacists. I found the husbands FB page, it had quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. on it... not very "white power" if you ask me.

The guy was a criminal, she was an impressionable child... Loose cannon finds solidarity in extremism with the liberty movement and drags her into a murder spree. Very simple. But the add-ons after the fact just don't sit right. All news organizations are going to spin it their way. The left spoke of guns, the connection to the militia at the Bundy ranch, patriot-labeled terrorism, and how bad Alex Jones is for apparently making these 2 people shoot cops.

The right calls them drug addicts, criminals, and mentally unstable and make no qualms about the responsibility for this incident falling on the perpetrators. Obviously they are not trying to make flag-wavers and gun owners look like nuts so they run block on certain aspects of the story.

Call it like it is... he was a felon, they didn't live in the real world, they illegally obtained guns... they realized that "fighting the man" was a good outlet for their still-scathing teen-angst, and they thought that they way to take this country back was to start a war by firing the first shot. They were fucked in the head, and they proved it. No one to blame but them.
I don't believe it. I think obama was behind it. He said to pull the building and the planes were holograms that we believe because of chem trails in conjuction with the fluoride they are feeding us. Oh and monasano and pesticides..It's all to hide the conspiracy that killed Kennedy. Also to distract us from the fact that nyc is four feet underwater and the temperature is 12 degrees Fahrenheit warmer.. Don't forget big foot and the non existent ozone layer along with the ufo in nevada.. Yosemite is about to blow a emp from the sun is.going to knock everything out and revert us back to a non-electric society after the bird flu driven here from illegal immigrants kill us all with aids from the homosexuals.. lets not forget china is about to launch a.major war with us and obama will get us into a war with russia of the Ukraine while iran drives a nuclear warhead up the.hudson river. The magnetic polls are going to.switch and when the.planets aligned it riipped out atmosphere out. Halleys comet deposited deep space viruses and blinded everyone looking at it. Co2 is going to.kill everyone and we need gas masks to breathe our air. Bees are all dead and.nothing is.getting pollinated, we'll all soon starve. But we all died in plane crashes and train accidents during y2k while being sent off to fema concentration camps.

Sorry but those are just the few conspiracy theories and doomsday bullshit I've heard over my 42 years and not a.single one of.those.promises proved to be true.

I.suggest instead of the.paranoid psychosis we should maybe try to just vote some good people into office and if none are running encourage good people to run.

None of this is to discredit that fact that writers of news slant it their way.

Guess I should have tried the KISS method,

How many here think that if the armed citizen brought this event to a quick and speedy end and saved lives. Would we hear about it in that way.

That's all.
With the Second Amendment saying what it says, Why isn't the Federal Government Suing NY
51158;145787 Wrote:Geesh!

Guess I should have tried the KISS method,

How many here think that if the armed citizen brought this event to a quick and speedy end and saved lives. Would hear about it in that way..

That's all.

I have heard about it in that way.. we all have.. I think.. that is if we read this thread we have.
The news networks are great at completing a multiple homicide investigation within 2 hours of its occurrence.

I'm sure LV Metro isn't close to being "finished" with their investigation of the incident.

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