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How the UK saw the final debate
Quote:Romney won the presidential debate by looking presidential. Obama had a painful case of Biden's smile

[Image: debate3-460x288.jpg]

Romney won the third presidential debate – and how he did it was encapsulated in a single exchange. The candidates were discussing military spending and Romney had just accused Obama of making harmful cutbacks.

The President wheeled out what must have seemed like a great, pre-planned zinger: “I think Governor Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works.

You mentioned the navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed.” The audience laughed, Obama laughed, I laughed. It was funny.

But here’s why it was also a vote loser. For a start, Twitter immediately lit up with examples of how the US Army does still use horses and bayonets (horses were used during the invasion of Afghanistan).

More importantly, this was one example of many in which the President insulted, patronised and mocked his opponent rather than put across a constructive argument.

His performance was rude and unpresidential. Obama seemed to have a touch of the Bidens, wriggling about in his chair, waving his hands dismissively and always – always – smirking in Romney’s direction.

By contrast, Romney sucked up the abuse and retained a rigid poker face all night. He looked like a Commander in Chief; Obama looked like a lawyer. Who would you rather vote for?

rest here;
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Seeing how the UK is leading the nanny state full steam ahead I'm surprised they saw Romney at all let alone thinking he won.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
Both biden and obama remind me of the Grinch with their facial expressions.

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