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How to change an electronic keypad lock to a mechanical dial lock
Here's a quick turtorial on how to switch your electonic keypad lock to a mechanical dial lock.

First of all, do your research and make sure that you are buying a lock that is compatable with your safe. If you have a modern safe, most of the hole patterns are standard, and most any lock will work. The door thickness is not an issue because they make the spindle extra long, and you cut it to length.

I went with a LA GARD 3330 lock which I purchased off ebay for $89. It pretty much dropped right in.

Start by opening your safe, and removing the front electronic keypad.

[Image: EC991A54-870C-436D-BC7F-446C5E7B6D19-200...3F6B63.jpg]

If you notice the S&G logo on the bottom, that can be peeled off, revealing the bottom screw. From there you should be able to either slide the keypad upwards to remove it. My lock was having problems so I simply pryed the whole thing off with a prybar. After it's off, finish removal by disconnecting any wires that are connected to it.

[Image: A431CA86-B7CF-4791-AA11-E3F1F67782F0-200...FFD630.jpg]

Next, remove the drywall lining on the door to expose the inside portion of the lock. Remove the lock by unscrewing 3-4 screws that hold it into place.

[Image: D9DF3452-6863-48B5-9498-1EB4C822A25F-200...B9FE18.jpg]

Here you can see the "hardplate" that the lock mounts to. Measure the thickness of this hardplate with a dial caliper. You will need this later.

And here is a pile of trash:

[Image: 02C6C4B1-9B7E-4610-9E1F-B500456497CA-200...A8AB59.jpg]

And the new lock:

[Image: B7483950-587B-4CBB-A52D-FD68232E88E8-200...1A57B0.jpg]

Take the backplate off of the locking mechanism:

[Image: 40975F84-1A16-46B1-A15F-D1793EC4E9E0-200...DC625B.jpg]

Here is the open lock:

[Image: 22181707-328E-441A-96D2-14439A062037-200...3129CA.jpg]

Mount it inside the safe door using the provided screws:

[Image: 0A4030E7-A22F-49A0-82D2-8D6DDDE8A3F3-200...628591.jpg]

Now measure the front sheet of steel on the door:

[Image: 12229012-712C-45EC-8F61-9880CCE2E4A6-200...649A5E.jpg]

Now add that number, plus the thickness of the hardplate, plus a certain number that's specified by the manufacturer of the lock. In our case, they specify to add 0.875" to the TOTAL door thickness. So the hardplate (0.27") plus the door thickness (0.09") plus 0.875" equals 1.235. This is how long we need to cut the spindle. Measure carefully, and make the cut:

[Image: ED372C19-E525-401A-BBF9-740F1A8975E3-200...29350E.jpg]

[Image: EEABD37F-1D82-4D97-B2E9-55901D49481D-200...A86101.jpg]

Before installing the dial, make sure the bolts are retracted:

[Image: FEB843DB-AEA7-4EB0-9D78-A30B38195267-200...DC9A78.jpg]

The next step I don't have a picture for, but install the dial mounting plate using the existing holes and screws.

Add the plastic dial bearing to the dial, and thread it through the spindle hole into the lock until tight. Don't go crazy tight with it, as you don't want to strip the threads:

[Image: 3D9B35D4-6FF2-46E7-92F2-A9D1CFE4A50A-200...2142A3.jpg]

[Image: 57F7847E-3E97-40B7-8EC3-23E5EF3E10B0-200...F5EBBB.jpg]

In order for the dial to engage with the locking mechanism, you need to install a "key" that locks the spline (a groove that runs down the spindle) into the lock. Here is the "key":

[Image: 109F3333-A906-4097-BBC2-8E685334F071-200...1B3BD8.jpg]

There are four different positions that the spline key can be mounted. You need to choose the correct position depending on which direction your bolts move. That information can be found in the lock installing manual. Here is the lock with the spline key installed:

[Image: 6E31DB37-68F4-4901-A5D8-6EF81439E15C-200...428EC0.jpg]

Okay, time for a beer and some hambuger helper:

[Image: EBC3C71E-F7DB-49D6-B334-3EAB170F38A1-200...746E7E.jpg]

Now you can put on the back cover of the locking mechanism and set your new combination. Simply follow the directions in the manual.

If you have a relocking mechanism, this needs to be added last, AFTER you set the new combination, as this bracket blocks access to the lock and wont allow you to change the combination. Here is the lock with the back cover installed and the relocking mechanism added:

[Image: 8970040E-924E-49BD-88BA-4C164FF7386F-200...300987.jpg]

And the final product:

[Image: 57CEBD07-FF30-405B-8A35-FB4C631996D5-200...2065C7.jpg]

Good luck!

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