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I hate local newscasters
So we're enjoying a couple of holiday shows of "Monk" (don't knock it!) and its making me SO mad every time a commercial comes on and the news lady says "The NRA has an answer for school violence.....adding more guns. Listen at 10....."

What a stupid, idiotic thing to say. But yeah, now that you mention it, adding more guns in CT would have been a very, very good thing, had they been added to the innocent side.

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Fox29 is the worst when it comes to the second amendment. Try watching Good Day Philadelphia after a tragedy. Everyone on that show would receive an F when it comes to firearms education (the second amendment, the difference between fully-auto and semi-automatic, etc.). I gave up on local television news.
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They have all been given their talking points. This is all we're going to hear until they either wear it out or the useful idiots resort to torches and pitchforks to root out the Frankenstein monster, which they claim is the NRA and us.

However, it does appear that large numbers of people do agree with the NRA's position, as witnessed by soaring gun sales and the steep rise in LTCF applications. At some point, we may see people tell these jackwagons to STFU. Their actions indicate that course may be coming.
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The local news and MSM will spew their crap until their ratings and viewership fall. Then they will be forced to change their topics of conversation by their producers so that they will get their audience and ratings back. How much longer do you think your average person can stand to listen to them talk about gun control?
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Move to the such thing as local news.
The closet "news" is out of Bufflao, which I never watch.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
Instead of parroting talking points, which would be bad enough, they actually believe it - which is way scarier.

Forget what they are saying. Looking at what people are doing is a much better indicator on what they really believe
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Where were all these screaming liberal asswipes when Clinton was promoting as president of the usa the same thing the NRA is now?

I mean really. Is there anything more hypocritical than a "liberal"?
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