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I like the Move by Metclfe and Grove
HARRISBURG — State Representatives Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and Seth Grove (R-York) announced today that they are reaching out to encourage several leading out-of-state firearms and weapons components manufacturers, including Beretta, Magpul and Remington, to relocate their facilities and bring hundreds of jobs to Pennsylvania.
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Contact your reps and lets stand in front of the NRA

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When the NY SAFE Act first passed I called Corbett's office and proposed he do the same thing.

Now before anyone jumps up and shouts that PA isn't very business friendly, please remember that people are always in need of jobs and the state can offer tax breaks to make a deal.

I could see Remington or Beretta making the move, but Magpul would never make the trek all the way out here. They would probably opt for Nevada, Arizona or Texas before they came here.

Either way, I keep reading these updates from Re. Metcalf and I wish he was my rep.

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