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I'm voting for Tom Corbett
halftrack;153609 Wrote:
gascolator;153601 Wrote:As committed as I am to other aspects of the "liberal" agenda, I'm more committed to my constitutional rights. That Corbett's opposition isn't is just a deal-breaker at this point.

My feeling is that my party has thrown the 2nd Amendment under the bus. When they stop doing that, I'll be right back. Until then...

Unfortunately, not enough Dems feel that way. They seem to want the social agenda more than they value liberty and constitutional rights. If they can elect a nanny state to give them everything they want, so much the better.

The GOP these days gives the appearance of deliberately fielding unwinnable tickets. It's amost as if they're just going through the motions . . . . I honestly have a hard time believing present GOP candidates are the BEST they can find.

We're working on it.

With my Dem friends I position 2A rights as consistent with the agenda. Women's rights? A woman has a right to the means to defend herself against a hostile man without BS like background checks and waiting periods. Racial equality? "Gun control" laws have their roots in keeping the n******s from arming themselves against their white oppressors (c.f. Ronald Reagan when he was the governor of California and got skeered of the Black Panthers).
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As I will be voting Corbett, too.
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