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I Need A New Flashlight
Here are my parameters: LED, powered by AA or AAA (I hate CR123), strobe function, and not a Surefire. I'm flexible with the battery parameter. I'd like to keep it under $100. Go!
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I'll say I like my Fenix headlamp I bought last year. They make handheld units, too, but I don't have any experience with them.
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I just picked up a Coleman Max Ultra Bright 200 Lumen Flashlight, at Walmart for $29.00. It is slightly bigger then a mini mag. But it is very bright and has two settings.
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I've had good luck with the ones I picked up at Costco, a 3 pack for under $20. I think I have nine of them now, good battery life, strobe function.

Here's a comparison I did with various flashlights I had.

These are the lights I used:

[Image: p1000284medium.jpg]
I love my Lumintop L1A. It takes one AA battery, and is a great size for pocket carry. Almost all good to say about it. The biggest con is that the switch is a little sensitive, and if you do pocket carry, it can turn itself on. I keep it clipped to my pocket, and that doesn't happen as much. For me, it's not a problem, as I always have a spare battery handy. I grabbed it as a gun show special, at $25.

For more lumens, at the same show I grabbed an Olight T25 Tactical. It takes 2 AA batteries. It was $55, and I also really like this one.

Wow, I just found a great price in this light. $39.95 and free shipping.

I would definitely buy either one again.
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I use Nebo Blue-lines and Red-lines for work, black-outs and camping. They have never failed yet and don't leach the battery. I'm pretty happy with them and they are inexpensive. Sorry I can't help with anything else, as my other light is a Streamlight and it takes 123s.
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Take a look at this, you can use the rechargeable battery's. They last a long time for a small investment. Here's the charger and battery's. Use code app10 and get 10% off.
I got this on ebay and love it! It's bright as hell, affordable, and the batteries are rechargeable. I keep it next to my bed, on top of one of my gun lock boxes.

CREE Q5 LED K8 Flashlight Charger+18650 Battery Waterproof Rechargeable Aluminum $17.99

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i have one of gregs 740 lumen m3 lights that you can drive home with. all the features your looking for and they run specials so the 100 buck price cap should be met
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Maglite XL50. $35

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