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I Want One - New German .30 Machine Gun
The New German Machine Gun

Very impressive and stable platform. It can be fired from virtually any position including standing. Water apparently doesn't affect it at all.

Virtually no muzzle rise with a 7.62 round. Noticed almost no recoil as well.

I would sure hate to be "down range" facing these weapons.

I am astounded at the ease in changing the barrels as well as the very low recoil forces it has.
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Holy minimal recoil, Batman.
How many has DHS ordered?
Wow, that barrel was spitting water when he dunked it like a coffee percolator.

Where's the recoil????
I like how the brass and links get ejected separate from each other.

I'll take one in OD green, and one in scary black.
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Wow... Big Grin
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I'd rather see it come with 2 barrels instead of one barrel and one trough! Big Grin
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streaker69;91397 Wrote:How many has DHS ordered?

Boy... when I git home I'm gonna punch yer momma right in the mouth.

Quit giving them ideas.
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it is an upgraded mg42.

that would keep them off the front pourch for awhile.
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