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Id like you all to meet "AKira"
Like many of you, I have a long list of "wants" when it comes to firearms. This particular gun wasnt high up on that list by any means; however, with recent events I felt now was the time to start looking around if I ever wanted to own one.

I discussed this with the Mrs and we decided that while we were at the Oaks show, it wouldnt hurt to LOOK (or so she kindly put it while reminding me of all the holiday bills and that my check would be short due to the company shut-down period).

We walked in the door and one of the first tables had a sale on Tapco 30rd mags - $20 for 3. There werent many left so I gave her a quick glance and she said to get them .. "even if we dont have the gun yet". Not a problem ... sold!

After checking out all the tables, I left empty handed. We had seen a few options but you all know how it goes ...

That night began my internet research to help answer a few questions I still had. Finally, I knew what I wanted and started to look around only to find out that basically everyone was sold out (shocking!) and that prices were on the rise.

I then came across Classic Firearms who had a Saiga 7.62x39 (converted) in stock, for a decent price ... and best of all, they offered a "Shooters Package" add on that included 3 additional Tapco 30rd mags, a Bulldog padded carry case, recoil buffer, cleaning kit, glasses and earplugs. This additional package was only $30!

I told my wife what I had found and she asked for a link ... a few minutes later she called me asking what FFL I wanted it shipped to!

She arrived on Christmas Eve and has been enjoying her new home since

[Image: IMG_20121224_162225-1_zps45322dcf.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20121224_162301.jpg]

And here she is with her big sister "ARiel"

[Image: IMG_20121224_162402.jpg]

Side note: While waiting at my FFL for the paperwork to be done, I was fiddling with the gun and noted that the mags werent locking in place. He said he had seen that before and since they were polymer they may need sanding, etc. I had heard this before too and thought nothing of it. Before heading to the range to give her a try, I grabbed 2 of the mags I got at Oaks which I had pre-loaded. Oddly, they all locked in place without issue. I then noticed that the mags werent the same - they had shipped me 4 of the 5.45x39 mags instead! I managed to get in touch with the company (they turned off phones to catch up on their backlog of orders) and they informed me that a new-hire mixed up quite a few mags in various orders and they would send the correct ones back to me after I returned the ones I received. I wasnt happy about it but they are making it right -- and I at least have the other mags I purchased!

Additionally ... I am glad I ordered when I did. The morning after ordering, that "Shooters Package" was no longer available and by that evening the gun was showing as "Out of Stock" and the price even went up $80!
Nice rifle(s). good luck with the new addition!
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I was considering one of those last month, but ran across the Yugo AK I bought instead.

Nice. Your kids have cool names. Cool

I named my WASR "Roşu Ruxandra".
Very cool of your wife! Congratulations. Be safe and enjoy. Dom
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Nice...any plans to convert the front end or you going to leave it as is?
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(01-02-2013, 04:31 PM)RocketFoot Wrote: Nice...any plans to convert the front end or you going to leave it as is?

Convert how? I've seen people thread the barrel to accept the ak74 brake

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