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If the ATF Is Eliminated, Will It Be Good or Bad for Gun Owners?
If the ATF Is Eliminated, Will It Be Good or Bad for Gun Owners?

ATF agentsIf there’s one thing that the government is highly skilled at, it’s creating excessive amounts of bureaucracy and extra layers of red tape for people to jump through.

And Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is sick of it.

He has recently brought new legislation before Congress that would eliminate the ATF in its entirety, including all 5,000 agents who work for the agency.

The extra duties would be taken up by the FBI as well as the DEA. As Sensenbrenner says:

Washington should be responsible stewards of the American taxpayers’ money. While all too often that is not the case, this is a good government bill to streamline agency activity at DOJ—increasing effectiveness while decreasing cost.

The ATF is a largely duplicative, scandal ridden agency that lacks a clear mission. It is plagued by backlogs, funding gaps, hiring challenges and a lack of leadership. For decades it has been branded by high profile failures.

There is also significant overlap with other agencies. At a time when we are approaching $18 trillion in debt, waste and redundancy within our federal agencies must be addressed. Without a doubt, we can fulfill the role of the ATF more efficiently.
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Eliminating them alone won't change any laws. It just means some other agency steps in to play the underfunded card. Get the government out of personal property entirely.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Pairing down the gigantic stinking onion of Federal bureaucracy can only be a good thing.

The states deserve the sole power to regulate firearms.
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Holding my breath for 1..2..3..there I'm done.Rolleyes
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
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They may get ride of atf they will just transfer personnel to other department for a grand total of 0 personnel let go and knowing the government they would need to hire people to assist it he the transition from one department to another so government would increase in size
Rcpaul, proud to be a member of since Jan 2013.
A rose by any other name…..

It’s actually a very stupid idea. Right now they are intentionally underfunded, with some positive as well negative results, but burying them within another agency will also bury their budgets within the bigger agency. Efficient government remains the enemy of freedom.
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
Unless those "extra duties" are eliminated altogether instead of passed to the FBI, not much will change
Lkttomasz, proud to be a member of since Apr 2013.
Now, if someone would just introduce a bill to eliminate the entire federal gov't we'll be off to a good start.
Not unless you also get rid of the illegal UFA, NFA, GCA etc...
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