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Iis It Time Yet?
Some Mexicans say yes.

The people of Michoacan, fed up with the fear and subjugation of the cartels and the inaction of the government, have taken a page from the American Revolution, organizing citizen militias that have now driven cartels from the region almost entirely. These militias have decided to no longer rely upon government intervention and have taken independent action outside of the forced authoritarian structure.

The fantastic measure of this accomplishment is not appreciated by many people in America. Though many cartels are populated by well-trained former Mexican military special ops and even covert operations agents, the citizens of Michoacan have proven that the cartels are a paper tiger. They can be defeated through guerrilla tactics and force of will, which many nihilists often deny is even possible.
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So, they are going to the streets for more .gov Shrug

Crazy Mexicans. Tongue
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War on drugs - civilian style.
I am glad you brought this up. I read about it the other day. Don't think this is exactly what DHS fears here. Our government of wolves will not ever willingly change. Things WILL spiral downwards until such steps are the only solution. The government is creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

Time to brush up on the Founder's works on liberty and duty. Take the lessons before the books start getting banned and burned.
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They're not doing it without the help of government, I'm sure they got their guns from Eric Holder.

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