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Illinois Community Chases FEMA out of Town…… With Guns
Quote:Glenn Beck told his radio audience Thursday that when he started his charity, Mercury One, the goal was to recreate the American spirit that existed in the 1920s.

In that era, he said, there was a devastating flood and the federal government attempted to offer assistance — only to be turned away by the people.

“When the trucks came, the people actually met those trucks in the streets with guns and said, ‘Turn your federal trucks around. We don’t need you here, we don’t want you here. We are a community that takes care of ourselves,’” Beck said. “And they actually turned the trucks around and sent them back home to Washington.”

In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that rocked the Midwest over the weekend, Beck reported that thanks to the efforts and contributions of the American people, a group of individuals in Illinois has recaptured that American spirit and turned away the FEMA trucks.

“We have three Mercury employees that witnessed it,” Beck said. “FEMA trucks come rolling down the road … they come into one of these church parking lots, and the church and the people meet them at the parking lot and say, ‘Turn your trucks around. We don’t want you here.’”

Beck said the FEMA representatives said they were there “to help,” but the individuals responded with something along the lines of: “We got it covered. Our community has come together. We have it covered. Go find someplace else. Turn your trucks around. We don’t need you here. That’s our job.”
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Mid, I think the title is a tad misleading,though. They might have used guns in the 20s, but it doesn't say they used guns this time.
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