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Important: News Posting Guidelines
In an effort to ensure that the search engine for the forum works properly and to help reduce the number of duplicate threads, please try to follow the the guidelines listed below.

  1. Thread title should be descriptive of the thread, if possible, use the article headline. Please try to avoid using cute titles when starting threads about news items.
  2. Include the article headline at minimum as the first line of the post.
  3. Include a link to the original article.
  4. Choose a portion of the article to quote that includes names, or locations of the parties involved. This will allow searching for these items easier and reduce duplicate posts for those that do search before posting.
  5. Include some of your own commentary on the article to get the discussion going.

Note: These guidelines are only meant to apply to threads started in the News Sections of the forum. If you post something in another area and it gets moved to a news section your original post may be edited to adhere to these guidelines.
When posting in a "big event" type thread where everyone is getting disparate information from multiple sources, please make it a point of providing a link to the sources so that others do not need to ask where the information was from.

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