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Interesting Shelf Life studies
While perusing Survival Blog today I found this link to a blog reporting on five separate shelf life studies of canned and dry foods. It includes a minor write up of each study and the results reported are quite amazing. I will definitely be rethinking my food supplies based on this information.
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Very nice consolidation of a lot of good info, thanks for sharing!

It demonstrates why I am trying to achieve a mix of food stores for my preps.

And with 21st century canning methods..., assuming we've improved over the last 100 years..., who knows how long canned goods could last now?

Thanks again!

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Gack! Looks like I can (no pun intended) stop writing the expiration date on the can with a sharpie! (to make it easier to see later)

Good to know.
I'll read more about it later, but on the surface, it appears that I don't need to be concerned with the safety of the dusty cans at the back of the shelf.
If I had the money/time my pantry would be temperature controlled with UV filters over the lighting. It also comes as no surprise that two of the studies were done by BYU.

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