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Interesting tactic for banning CCW in Toledo
This is scary.

Apparently, there is a neo-nazi rally that is planned for next week. The city of Toledo has responded by attempting to file an injunction banning CCW in Toledo during that time. Fucking watch the Ohio politicians fold on this issue like a Walmart lawn chair for fear of having the next attack ad when they come up for re-election say that anyone who didn't support this wanted to put guns in the hands of neo-nazis. Eventually a few more states will attempt this and we'll have to have a concealed carry report to look at before going to work to see if big brother wants to rescind our rights to defend ourselves on a whim for that particular day. I also like how ignorance of the law is not an excuse, but they want to pretend like everyone who carries in Toledo will somehow get the 2 sentence blub they hardly felt worth mentioning that they may be running afoul of the law with one weeks notice. Further, from what I've seen of these white supremacist gatherings on the news it usually seems like the violence is directed more AGAINST the neo-nazi's from the local community rather than coming from the nazi's themselves in recent times.

It sure is nice to see that regarding a massive infringement of Ohioan's rights warrants a 2 sentence article. Journalistic integrity at it's finest!
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Neo Nazis are far more tolerable than politicians because, despite their despicable message, they at least stand by their principles.
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