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Is 120 lumen enough light for a shotgun?
So far the only light I found that says it is specifically for a 12ga is the Firefield it is 120 lumen. Is that enough light?
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I don't know about that particular light, but lumens are not a very good standard for comparing lights, unless you are comparing lights from the same manufacturer. There are several different ways to measure lumens, and each can result in a grossly different number. Also, some manufactures always over-rate their lights, while others tend to under-rate them. In addition to those variables, lumens only tell part of the story, because flashlights also have different "patterns." Two different flashlights could have the same lumen rating, but one might have more flood (beam width) and the other might have more throw (distance it can illuminate an object). Which one is "better" will depend on your needs.

Also, you don't need a light that is specifically made for a shotgun, but I would recommend a weapon light in general. Because of the tubular shape of most lights, the batteries can bounce during recoil and lose contact for a split second. Best case scenario, the light will just flicker, but it could also change modes or completely shut off, depending on the light. Surefire's weapon lights are constructed in such a way that the batteries cannot move when installed, and this problem is eliminated. I'm not sure about other brands; they might be constructed in a similar way.
If this gun might be used for home defense, I wouldn't go higher than 120 lumens.

Shining a light with 200 lumens on a white wall or a mirror may blind you.

Test this by using just a light and walk around your house at night with all the lights off and see if it's too much or too little.
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