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Is a blimp watching you? New surveillance craft raises privacy questions
Quote:Is a blimp watching you? New surveillance craft raises privacy questions

The Pentagon plan to deploy two large blimplike aircraft 10,000 feet into the sky about 45 miles northeast of Washington, D.C., has raised new privacy concerns even though the Army says there is nothing to be worried about.

The aircraft was described as aerostats, which means they are lighter than air while being tethered to the ground, The Washington Post reported. These aircraft have been employed in Iraq, Afghanistan and on the Mexican border because they can be equipped with radars and high-altitude surveillance systems that are capable of spotting flying objects up to 340 miles away. These systems are militarily valuable because they are capable of tracking low-flying missiles and movement on the ground.

The $2.7-billion Maryland project is reportedly set to begin in October and span three years on the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in suburban Baltimore. The project's intended goal is to detect any low-flying missiles or enemy aircraft that might be headed to the capital, the report said.

Raythoen, a defense contractor, said last year that these aerostats can carry powerful surveillance systems capable of tracking people and vehicles from miles away, the report said. The Army, though it did not rule out the possibility of mounting these cameras, reportedly said it has no current plans to install them.

The Washington Post reported that the Army said in a letter to the newspaper that it did not conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment because there is no intention of collecting any personally identifiable information.

"The primary mission . . . is to track airborne objects," the Army said in the letter to The Post. "Its secondary mission is to track surface moving objects such as vehicles or boats. The capability to track surface objects does not extend to individual people."

The radar system on these aerostats, which will be visible from downtown Baltimore on a clear day, will be radars capable of tracking the movement of planes about 340 miles from the base and cars 140 miles away.

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No, but a blimp watches my 18 month old two days a week.

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Reminds me of a stalker I once had...
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More and more I'm seeing the equipment we used to watch and protect against insurgents and terrorists in Iraq being used here to do the same against our own people.

So how long you think it will be before they start patrols?
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Camper;132681 Wrote:So how long you think it will be before they start patrols?

They did, it was called "looking for terrorists in Boston"

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We had an "eye in the sky" in Iraq these marine guys pissed on some piece of equipment that was being watched and they all got in trouble for it. That thing zoomed in and saw the names on their uniforms. After that I made sure I pissed behind a conex box haha

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