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Is This the End Game For Us?
The one thing I find puzzling about what is happening in the US is that typically the power elite want to keep the masses content and happy. When we are content, we spend money and keep the power elite in Beluga and Dom Perignon.

So why does this administration (and its puppet masters) seem hell bent on doing just the opposite? And yet the stock market, which used to be an indicator of those of us who produce and spend, is doing very well which instead of the opposite that it should be.

That leads me to think that the US masses no longer have the impact on stocks and corporate profits we once had. The real influencers are the Asian Tigers who are now both the consumers and the suppliers. Perhaps the real powers behind the throne have deemed us as too great a drain and they see a need to thin out the herd which has gotten too dependent upon them. Much less herd, which is no longer worth what it (we) once were, will equal more corporate profits.

Looking at what is happening from this perspective and the actions of the power elite start to make more sense.
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Glad it makes sense to you but I have no clue what you are talking about. Smile

power elite? puppet masters? powers behind the throne? Care to name any names of these mysterious 'them'?
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I've been wondering the same thing...with all the unrest going on, prices rising, uncertainty, and ObamaCare beginning to kick in, people *should* be more cautious about the stock market, and the market should be dipping at the least.

But its staying pretty stable, which I've also wondered about. Actually the idea that much of the market is now foreign and thus its stabilized globally rather than just here in the US is an idea.
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(02-23-2013, 12:06 PM)Dave Wrote: Glad it makes sense to you but I have no clue what you are talking about. Smile

power elite? puppet masters? powers behind the throne? Care to name any names of these mysterious 'them'?

I can always count on you, Dave, to be clueless. ;-)

In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the state which seeks to describe and explain the power relationships in contemporary society. The theory posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic elite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power and that this power is independent of a state's democratic elections process. Through positions in corporations or on corporate boards, and influence over the policy-planning networks through financial support of foundations or positions with think tanks or policy-discussion groups, members of the "elite" are able to exert significant power over the policy decisions of corporations and governments. A recent example of this can be found in the Forbes Magazine article [1] (published in December 2009) entitled The World's Most Powerful People, in which Forbes purported to list the 67 most powerful people in the world (assigning 1 "slot" for each 100,000,000 of human population).

Elite theory stands in opposition to pluralism in suggesting that democracy is a utopian ideal. It also stands in opposition to state autonomy theory.

Puppet masters and powers behind are the same people. If I knew their identities I would be one of them or dead. But, these folks right below are probably pulling plenty of puppet strings. Here are two of their beliefs.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."

~ Rothschild
Rothschild Group

And, before you ask, puppets are people like all of the US Presidents going back for at least one century. I firmly believe that shortly after their inauguration, they are invited to a meeting where they are told how they will do the masters' work and how they will be richly rewarded. They are also told what will happen if they don't. Realizing that they have little recourse since they now have no idea who they can trust, they do what they are told even if it goes completely against their values and campaign promises. In return, they get to enjoy the trappings of power, play a lot of golf, travel the world, gain tremendous wealth, and retire to live out their lives in comfort. If they don't play ball or try to fight back, they and/or their families are assassinated or worse.

(Of course you realize the last paragraph isn't something I believe. It's just the premise for a screenplay I am writing.) ;-)
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I believe that all this fair trade BS is to create markets to replace the American market.

The amount of natural resources we consume along with all the other products we import, the process needs to continue the when we fail, and we will. It's not a "if" it's more a "when" If we continue as we're going.. We lost a solid economic base which is manufacturing and we can't possibly bring it back.

Sorry about the rant,

But to give you my thoughts on your question, I think the market is up simply because all the government spending. All the money the .gov put out there in qe's and bailing out companies helped Prop it backup again. And we can't forget inflation, That 14000+ dow doesn't mean the same as it did say 5 years ago..
With the Second Amendment saying what it says, Why isn't the Federal Government Suing NY
I think things are being held together by a thread. And really think that something dumb, or terrible, is going to finally cause it all to fall apart.
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Is This The End Of The Game For Us, NO, the game never ends, the game will always continue, with a change of the rules FOR US.
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Couldn't this all be the result of power hungry narcissists in positions of control willing to sacrifice any long term good for a short term power fix? Plus stupidity.
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It is the end game in the sense that they are holding nothing back, and they are going to push for gun control in any possible way. They are non stop within, and we need to push back harder than they. They will not relent, neither can we.
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GregorOneEye;82553 Wrote:Couldn't this all be the result of power hungry narcissists in positions of control willing to sacrifice any long term good for a short term power fix? Plus stupidity.

Yes, that is definitely part of it.

The question is what are the motives of those who pull the stings for the puppets in DC.

We are now in a global economy where transnational corporations are becoming more powerful and governments are melding with them in an unprecedented way.

Just wait until they have the technology to control every aspect of human life and the automated military power to control/enslave the entirety of humanity.

Those of you in tyour early 20s may live to see it.
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