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Is This the End Game For Us?
MrPeanut;82557 Wrote:
GregorOneEye;82553 Wrote:Couldn't this all be the result of power hungry narcissists in positions of control willing to sacrifice any long term good for a short term power fix? Plus stupidity.

Yes, that is definitely part of it.

The question is what are the motives of those who pull the stings for the puppets in DC.

We are now in a global economy where transnational corporations are becoming more powerful and governments are melding with them in an unprecedented way.

Just wait until they have the technology to control every aspect of human life and the automated military power to control/enslave the entirety of humanity.

Those of you in tyour early 20s may live to see it.

Whatever is gonna happen I wish it would hurry up because I really can't wait until Rollerball starts to resolve conflicts between multinationals.

[Image: rollerbizzle%2Bcostume.jpg]
BobFromBucks;82461 Wrote:I can always count on you, Dave, to be clueless. ;-)

Good stuff Smile

This sort of 'theory' is as old as man himself. For some there must be a 'them' because they simply can not accept the random chaos which is life. Believing in a hidden secret cabal pulling the strings helps certain minds explain all while giving order to life. Understandably so. Many religions were founded based on this same human condition.

There is also a dark side to this mindset. Tyrants have used it since day one to demonize and to blame for their misfortune any class of people who were accused of being a part of 'them'. In the 20th Century hundreds of millions were killed and enslaved by this mindset.

On a personal level, it also neatly explains why our lives don't turn out exactly as some believe it should have. Nobody can be a failure when one believes that we are just victims of the evil them!
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Very simple, Ben Bernanke (QE I, II , III and eternity) has been propping up the stock market 100% for the last 5 years.
It's all part of the "Osmoke and Omirrors scheme to make the low info voters think O's destructive policies aren't.

O says one thing and DOES the 180 degree opposite.

We're living in the real life OZ. Nothing is real however, except the 1000% GLOBAL push to take away the 2A. THAT IS REAL.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson
BobFromBucks;82443 Wrote:The one thing I find puzzling about what is happening in the US is that typically the power elite want to keep the masses content and happy. When we are content, we spend money and keep the power elite in Beluga and Dom Perignon. ..

My suspicion:

This is a culture war between the left and everyone else.

This is why we have gun control (as an issue at all) and kids are taught inverted values in school.
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