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Isla Vista Rampage Sparks Push For Gun Seizures
Isla Vista Rampage Sparks Push For Gun Seizures
By Jon Schuppe
Few states have stricter gun laws than California, but those restrictions did nothing to prevent a troubled young man’s deadly rampage in the town of Isla Vista last weekend.

That grim reality, as in the case of many recent mass shootings, has reignited the debate over how to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, including those suffering from mental illness.

This time, attention has turned to court orders that allow judges to prevent people who are showing signs of violent behavior from buying or keeping guns.
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Yep, it drives me nuts when people blame medications and say that anyone on mess should have their guns taken away.... Thinking they themselves are invincible when in reality 1 in 3 Americans will go though some degree of clinical depression at some point in their lives. I've never taken SSRIs but I'm not dumb enough to think everything couldn't just turn to shit in my life at any time and start the spiral into depression if only temporary. People in the gun community need to learn quickly that the more we play the blame game with drugs, video games, etc the more we will play right into the hands of the antis giving them another angle to take guns away. We need to educate society to the fact that living in a free society and not an authoritarian police state has a cost. We trade the risk of getting robbed for example in exchange for living in a place where we don't have big brother telescreens on every surface with a government agent monitoring each one like in 1984.
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