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Isn't this just wonderful...
How are the Dems going to talk their way out of this one?

Having served in the Navy, I'm not real happy about this tribute to our Military.
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They'll have no problem talking their way out of it.  They'll just go to the standard list of excuses.

1.  It was a technical oversight, no big deal.
2.  Wow, they're WWI ships from at least, like what, 20 years ago, whenever, totally old news, get over it.
3.  The Republicans do the same thing, all the time. . . yes, with pictures of warships, of course.
4.  Why hasn't Romney commented on it?  I guess because he has no international experience, unlike Obama-wonderful.
5.  If Bush hadn't made our ships look so much like Russian ships, there would be no problem.  It's all Bush's fault!

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A DEMOCRAP tribute, to our beloved...

... Comrade Putin...  [Image: DOHHH-1.jpg]
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